8 Types Of Personality That Won’t Survive Marriage


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Things might seem so much easier when you’re single; free like an eagle, or you’re in long or short distance relationship that thrives at those set ups where you get to spend few or more days together and have free days away from each other. Yeah, that works out perfectly.

But when your ready to commit, you better watch out the these following default characteristics that just won’t ogre well in marriage, that is, if you wish to survive it.

#1 Critics or Perfectionists

If you demand perfection from everyone around you, you might make a great business owner or event planner, but that might not translate into a great spouse. At work, people should aim for perfection because money is on the line. But at home, people should be allowed to relax.

Just understand that your partner isn’t perfect. You won’t survive marriage if, when your partner shares his work presentation with you, you pick it apart. Your job is to give one or two notes of constructive criticism, but to generally tell him he’s wonderful and you love him. Your spouse doesn’t need an extra boss or colleague at home. Home is where he should get to be imperfect.

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#2 The DoorMatt

The person who is okay with whatever happens. This person is the opposite of the type who always needs to have his way. This person has no opinion on where you eat or where you take your vacation or what movie you see or even which car you buy. Up until marriage, this trait made the relationship a breeze.

Marriage requires decisiveness, therefore you must share most of the decisions – like which school is good for the kids. If you don’t, your partner would feel alone and frustrated. Having an opinion shows you care.

#3 The Type Who Won’t Let Things Go

A restaurant probably gets his order wrong, he cannot enjoy the rest of the evening. He keeps replaying in his head how he, “Told the server very precisely how I wanted that burger cooked” and “I’ve been there so many times—how could they get that wrong?” The type who, when your babysitter charges for three hours when she was only there for two hours and fifty minutes, will argue with her about those ten minutes.

It pays to let things be every once in while, you can spare your partner a lot of embarrassing moments especially whenever you both go out.

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#4 Whim-Followers

Persons who do things just because others are doing it or they ask them to join the league….isn’t a stunt you should indulge in when you’re married. This applies to household budgets. Unless your bank account never runs dry, you should consult with your spouse before making any financial decisions. That way you both can affirm the decision is a priority.

#5 People Who Are Not Grateful

Always complaining rather than focusing on the positive side of life. Nobody wants to spend their life with someone who constantly points out what is wrong with everything including life itself. Your partner wants to see the good in things, and he can’t if you’re always at his side, pointing out the bad. He’ll rather spend his life without you putting a damper on things.

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#6 People Who Need Constant Affirmation

Such people need constant attention, therefore they need events in their life to be treated with utmost importance. They need every story they tell to be met with attentive ears and wide eyes. They ask, “Are you even listening?” a lot.

The sooner you keep a reign on that attitude, the better your marriage would be. No matter how in love you are, your lives will fill up with responsibilities, obligations, worries and responsibilities that have nothing to do with one another. There will be a lot of days when your partner is just in his head about a work-. issue and doesn’t have it in him to give you attention. If you need constant affirmation, you will be riddled with anxiety any time your partner’s attention is dominated by something other than you for an entire day.

#7 People who Aren’t Self-Motivated

Some people are always hustling. In or out of a relationship, they work hard, they have aspirations and clear goals and they make moves to see them happen. But then you have those personality types that only accomplish something to impress somebody else, or because somebody else expects something of them.

Your partner can’t be your life coach, motivating you, telling you good things will happen or even suggesting calls you take or networking events you attend to reach your goals (not that it’s wrong for your spouse to support you) but he can’t give you the desire to accomplish things. He’ll get feed up with it.

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#8 People Who Need To Have Their Way

These people fight and debate over everything, they simply want things done their own way; good or bad, oblivious to the tension it’s creating in their relationship. Being stubborn might be cute darling – but only when you’re not married yet – because it will get exhausted fast. There are lifetime decisions to make in marriage, getting things your way won’t keep you happy when your partner is ignoring you.

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