8 Ways Guys Payback Ladies When They Become Rich


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The frustration and condemnation broke guys experience from people (ladies in particular) is synonymous to the way society treat a lunatic but the story changes for such guys when they move from grass to grace as friends, families and even enemies will want to have their share of national cake at all cost. 

Their change in level will no doubt attract different category of ladies in which he will be seen as the new cash daddy in town to relief their financial woes but left to him, he will device ways to punish them which are as follows; 

1. Wind up and lock his car doors when driving

I was fortunate to be among a group of ladies discussing men issue as one of them aired her annoyance towards a big boy who deliberately wind up and lock his car doors when she approached him for a lift. I cannot hold the laugh bursting from my mouth when I heard her silly story but one thing for sure is that if a guy with keke or okada offer her a lift, she will rain curse on his generation.

2. Dump them after exploring their kitty cat

For a guy who just hit jackpot after hustling, he verges into playboy mechanism by enticing ladies with money, harnessing their kitty cats and dump them like those sewage and refuse at ojota.

3. Treat ladies with disdain

Owning to the insult rich dudes have received when they had nothing in the past, they unleash their venom on ladies by embarrassing them on date, speak ill words during their visit, comparing them to jezebel, and fling them out of their apartment at midnight. 

4. Save their numbers with horrible names

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I was opportune to have access to my big brother’s phone and when I scrolled through his BBM and whatsapp contacts, I laughed out loud like someone in comedy house because of funny and horrible names like “Chopandquench”, “Thief”, “Gold digger”, etc he used in saving his several chicks. 

5. Ignore ladies call

An adage says “where there is money, there is friend”. Once a Lady knows that the story of a broke guy has changed to laughter, she calls frequently which may run his phone battery death as no doubt he will have no choice than to ignore her calls or perhaps deletes her number.

6. Refuse to drop his contact details

I cannot but shake my head when ladies chase a rich dude in order to get his phone number, BlackBerry PIN and house address of which he may reject instantly. Meanwhile when he was a nobody seeking for their love, they see him as a nonentity.

7. Stingy to broke and hungry ladies

The encroachment of broke and hungry ladies is more devastating than grasshoppers nesting on a farmland. Immediately a rich dude notice this attitude in a lady, he becomes very stingy in a way to pursue them.

8. Toil with their emotion

This is an act these category of guys adopt since their feelings was played in the past like football as they use it as payback to ladies by making them fall in love and break their heart afterwards. 

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