84 Year Old Woman Seeks Divorce On Grounds Of Se.xual Unfulfilment

An 84-year-old Italian woman has filed for a divorce from her 88-year-old husband on the grounds of se.xual unfulfillment.  The octogenarian who hails from Scafati in Campania, southern Italy, told her lawyer that her elderly husband only wants to have se.x with her twice a month, which is not enough for her.

The woman, who has outlived two husbands, then added insult to injury, by claiming that her late partners had been better in bed than her third spouse, When asked if she could not possibly find any other activity which could keep her happy and satisfied, the retired teacher said she could not see why she should have to give up sex just because of her age.

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During mediation the 84-year-old admitted that the divorce proceedings had been an ‘elaborate rouse’ to get her 88-year-old husband to take Viagra. Italian media reports that when her husband, a retired bank clerk, refused to take the erectile aid due to a heart condition, she shouted: ‘Rubbish! You just have palpitations from time to time.’ Her husband is then said to have admitted to the lawyer that he prefers ‘playing boules with my friends’ to having se.x with his elderly wife.

In response, the woman allegedly pledged to find herself ‘a new lover’. It is not known if the couple has gone through with the divorce.


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