9 funniest quotes of Patience Jonathan to remember on her 59th birthday (See videos)


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Today Marks the 59th birthday of former president Jonathan’s wife, Mrs Patience Dame Faka Jonathan also known as Mama Peace. Born on the 25th of October 1957.

Her middle name is FAKABELEMA, often shortened to Faka, which means ‘Unending Blessings’.

She has thrilled Nigerians and made them laugh over the past few years with a number of her grammatical blunders. Here are just 9 of the most interesting ones:

1. Chai! Chai! There is God o… there’s God in everything we are doing, continue!

2. Na only you waka come?

3. Why they didn’t they mention those people that went there with their family and succeeded.

4. No we are all happy for the effort,, it is not easy to carry second in an International competition like this one, (addressing press men after Female Under-19 FIFA World Cup).

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While addressing the crowd during the Peoples Democratic Party Women Presidential Rally in Uyo, Mrs. Jonathan said

5. A bird at hand is worth a million in the bush. Nigerian women, let us shine our eNo. Women of Nigeria, are you ready to go to prison? Are you ready to go and give your father food in the prison? It is not our portion. We reject it.

6.  A good man borns (sic) a good son. You cannot deliver what you don’t have, and that’s why he has brought somebody that can also deliver you from the APC. The one that will heal you, Mrs. Jonathan said of Mr. Akpabio and the PDP gubernatorial candidate in the state.

7. We are not propagandaly (sic). We are not here to deceive you. We are not here to lie for you. Because whatever we say go and search because you will see it.

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8. When the people were there o, women were afraid to born child. Women were afraid to produce the kids. They cannot produce. They are afraid, ‘I should not die.

9. The bombers who born them? Wasn’t it not a woman? They were once a children now a adult now they are bombing women and children making some children a widow.

Happy birthday to Patience Jonathan.

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