9 Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoid


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1. Fruit with your meal or afterwards.

Fruit basket – Sarah Barker

Why? Fruit is absorbed very quickly, passing through the stomach and then absorbed in the intestines. When these fruits are combined with grains, meats or dried products- they can stay in the digestive tract too long and begin to ferment. This can cause damage to the walls of your intestine amongst other problems.

2. Animal protein and starch.

Dirk Vorderstrabe - Spaghetti Meatballs

Dirk Vorderstrabe – Spaghetti Meatballs

Why? According to Tara Aldar, (a top natural health coach and internal cleansing expert) ingesting animal proteins and carbohydrates at the same time can negate the effects of each macronutrient. The different digestive enzymes clash and can cause gas problems, discomfort and flatulence. Next time you go for a pot roast, be sure to keep this in mind!

3. Limes and cough medicine.

Limes - Troy Tolley

Limes – Troy Tolley

Why? According to Men’s Health magazine, limes can inhibit or block enzymes that break down cholesterol lowering statins. A well-known cough medication is dextromethorphan, this medication can build up in your blood stream if you fail to break down statins which will then increase unwanted side effects from the medication. Pharmacist Mary Ellen Gullickson Ph.D. says these side effects can include hallucinations and insomnia, so we suggest you avoid lime juice the next time you have a tickly throat and always check with your pharmacist for clear guidance on this matter.

4. Starchy carbs and tomatoes.

Russellstreet - Pizza

Russellstreet – Pizza

Why? Tomatoes are an acidic fruit and can cause problems when eaten at the same time as starch carbohydrates. Starchy carbs include rice or sweet potatoes. One runs the risk of causing indigestion, GERD and other digestion problems by doing this. It is also believed that after meal fatigue can be caused by eating tomatoes and starchy carbs at the same time.

5. Fruit and yoghurt.

Suanie - berries yoghurt

Suanie – berries yoghurt

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Why? Combining fruit and dairy products can lead to a world of suffering. Dairy foods can be congestive, blocking sinuses, encouraging colds and worsening symptoms of allergies. When combined with fruit these symptoms can become even worse. A better option is a natural Greek yoghurt with no additional fruits.

6. Cereal and milk.

Jonathan Lin - Wheaties

Jonathan Lin – Wheaties

Why? For many of you reading this, it will seem rather shocking as cereal and milk is a staple of many of our diets across the world. Synonymous with breakfast in fact, BUT both contain fast digesting carbs that put the body under stress, both can cause blood sugar spikes that will leave you tired when they eventually lower again, making you crave more junk food.

7. Wine and pudding.

chocolatemoosey - wine and pudding

chocolatemoosey – wine and pudding

Why? Unfortunately for those with a sweet tooth, this delectable combo can wreak havoc on your insides. Alcohol messes up blood sugar levels and increases insulin production, so then the high amount of sugar in your dessert will be stored as fat and lead to unhealthy weight gain. For a better alternative try consuming wine with low-glycaemic index rated foods such as fibrous vegetables.

8. Burger and fries.

Joey - California whopper

Joey – California whopper

Why? A convenient meal is usually an unhealthy one to say the least. Over cooked food with high levels of fat, preservatives and other chemicals can form a charcoal-type substance. This then combines with the sugar in potato fries, creating cytokines which can cause inflammation and speed up the aging process, tread carefully by next time to get the urge for a big mac!

9. Muffins and fruit juices.

playingwithflour - orange muffins

playingwithflour – orange muffins

Why? A combo that offers lots of calories and little in terms of nutrition is why. Starting your day with this meal can lead to energy crashes and cravings by mid-afternoon that can make you cranky and stressed if you don’t get your fix. The lack of protein and fibre clashes with high sugar consumption and messed up blood sugar. If you really wish to have a muffin, go for a wholegrain variety and treat your body with some respect.

This list could go on forever with unhealthy food combinations, but now you know the basics you are one step closer to becoming a healthier person. The mind and body work n synergy, treat them both with respect and they will do the same for you.



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