9 Head Wraps Styles That Will Transform Your Bad Hair Days


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Headwrap mother daughter style

Headwraps are the one thing we cannot live without!

Head wraps are not only for your bad hair days but for your everyday look. They will always be on trend and there are many styles that can take you through a whole week.

1. Mama Africa Turban

The “mama Africa turban” as we call it, is a very bold headpiece that draws all the attention to the head. Popular Kenyan singer, Akothe has rocked this look on videos for her massive hits “Pilipili” with Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz and “Give It To Me” with Nigeria’s Flavour.

Head Wraps Zumi Kenya


 2. The Gigantic Bow.

Many fashionistas have had this head wrap on during fashion events or on their social media walls. It is the epitome of style. When wearing African print outfit, chose a different pattern for your head wrap to give it that color blocked look.

Head Wraps Zumi Kenya

 3. The Front Twist.

The front twist is easy to achieve. A high up-do always makes the wearer look younger and fashion forward. Use prints and bright colors for the front twist.

Head Wraps Zumi Kenya

 4. The Side Roll.

The side roll says that you are fun and approachable. This works perfectly with braids on or a natural looking weave.

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Head Wraps Zumi Kenya

 5.  The Sophisticated Turban.

You can get away with wearing this on a date at a high-end restaurant. It is a very stylish and yet chic way of wearing a turban.

Head Wraps Zumi Kenya

 7. The All Around Roll.

This is one of the most popular head wrap styles of all time in Kenya.

Head Wraps Zumi Kenya

 7. The Double Roll

When feeling girly, the double roll will definitely come in handy. This is a perfect look for a sunny day out.

Head Wraps Zumi Kenya

 8. The Mega Turban

Do you want to style your amazing big hair do? Turbans look amazing with big puffy hair. Try the mega bun to add some drama to your preppy look.

Head Wraps Zumi Kenya

 9. The Looped Head Band

This is an amazing head wrap for the naturalista movement. Hold up your hair up with a headband. Comb out the front part of your hairline because this section will be very visible.

Head Wraps Zumi Kenya

Share with us your favorite Head Wrap style? Kitana shows you how to wrap a headwrap with crotchet hairstyles.

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