9 Signs Your Partner Will Be Faithful To You


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Everyone wants a faithful partner, but it can be pretty difficult to determine whether or not that is the kind of partner you have.

Most times, relationships come down to taking a leap of faith, but there are a few character signals that should give you an idea if the person you are dating is the kind to be faithful to one partner.

1. Openness: An unfaithful partner is usually a secretive one. So, people who are very open about all aspects of their lives are unlikely to be unfaithful. These kind of people are like open books – what you see is what you get. You do not have to dig too much to find out how the live and how they spend their time.

2. Previously Faithful: A serial cheater will most likely remain this way. A person who does not find it difficult to remain faithful in . relationships is very likely to be faithful to you. Cheating is usually more about a person’s character than it is a reaction to their partner. That is to say, a person who does not naturally have it in him/her to cheat previously will most likely not have a reason to do so now.

3. Role model: We all have people we look up to when we think about our ideal relationships. Most of the times, these relationship role models turn out to be couples in the home we are from, like our parents. So, a person who grew up in a home where infidelity is the norm, will find it difficult to behave any differently when he/she begins dating. They assume this is how all relationships work and they are conditioned to act as such.

4. Friends: Just like with role models, our friends have a lot of influence on the way we behave. We judge who we are and what we do according to what our friends do. So, if your partner is surrounded by friends who are not faithful in their respective relationships, then it is very likely that he/she will not be faithful too.

5. Keeps his/her word: A big sign a person will faithful is if he/she is very good at keeping his/her word. A person who keep promises and pulls through whenever they say they would is usually an honorable person and honorable people are very unlikely to be unfaithful.

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6. No ex drama: Is your partner’s ex always in the picture and always finding ways to get back into your relationship? No ex will have the right or opportunity to worm their way into a relationship without permission.

So, if you are with a partner who either keeps talking about his/her ex, or getting messages from them, then it is likely because your partner allows this to happen. This also means, your partner is leaving the door of communication open just in case the right opportunity comes along. It is a sign that he/she is not ready to be fully commited to you.

7. Happiness: A person who is content and happy in his/her relationship is unlikely to cheat as they are confident that they are getting all they want where they are. Relationships are like anything else, once you feel fulfilled and happy in a particular position, it is unlikely that you will want to risk your happiness and neither will you feel the need to be curious about what else is out there.

8. Not greedy: Some people are naturally greedy in character. No matter what they have they are still obsessed with getting what others have. They are hardly ever content as they always believe there is always room to get something more or something better. People with this character trait are will not make faithful partners. No matter how great their partners are, they will always be seeking for something better elsewhere.

9. Secure: Being a secure person means you believe in yourself, with or without a partner. It means you do not completely depend on the opposite sex to determine who you are. These kinds of people are confident, and they know who they are.

To them, a relationship is not just something to boost their egos, or make them feel pretty and wanted. They go into a relationship because they want to join forces and build a life with someone. These kinds of people have no time for insincerity and games. They usually make really good partners.

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