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T.’s something about the stress of wedding planning that turns a normally level-headed bride into a bundle of rage by the time the day comes around. it’s not uncommon to see brides verbally abusing the people around her, or throwing things, or making outrageous demands-especially from their bridesmaids.


You can’t control every little detail of your wedding, especially by controlling the people involved. What’s the use of alienating the people who have chosen to support you just because you want your wedding a certain way? T.’s nothing cute about turning into a bridezilla because of your wedding.

Here’s how to avoid becoming a bridezilla:

1. Keep your wedding costs low


Not everyone can afford to shell out thousands for your wedding. You know the financial situation of your friends, so keep it real with them. The dress, the shoes, the party, keep it all within their means so that they can celebrate you without going bankrupt.

2. Nobody should change themselves for your wedding

T. are some brides who have asked their plus size bridesmaids to lose weight or demanded that the bridesmaids would have to relax their hair or change their hair colour. Why should they have to change a fundamental part of themselves just to be in your bridal train? That’s unacceptable.

3. Choose stuff they can use again

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Thank God ugly bridesmaids dresses have been phased out. You can choose flattering styles and materials that your bridesmaids won’t have problems wearing again. T.’s no need to deliberately make them wear hideous dresses just to make yourself look good.

4. Make arrangements for them

It’s only considerate of you to make arrangements for w. your bridesmaids will sleep, what they will eat, and how they will get back to their destinations. Your wedding day is all about you, but you should also make the ones who have come so far to support you feel comfortable. Don’t let them be overlooked at the wedding either.

5. Use dialogue instead of screams

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Just because you’re the bride doesn’t mean that you’re entitled to everyone’s time. Ask for what you want nicely, be considerate and polite. When things do happen that make you lose your temper, choose to talk about it instead of shouting everyone down.

You do want to still have friends after your wedding, right?


Wedding planning is so much stress. Let these tips help you to keep your calm under all the pressure.





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