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A Guide to Wearing Crochet Top


Sometimes, it seems so difficult to pick what to wear, especially an outfit that can adapt to any type of weather condition.  When the weather becomes unpredictable, you should consider wearing crochet. Crochet is trendier and lighter for outings.

What is Crochet?


This outfit is created by the interconnecting thread, yarn, or strands of other tools with a crochet hook. These hooks come in different sizes. Some people erroneously believe crochets are traditional doilies or old-fashioned sweaters. You can wear crochet in different ways and combinations of outfits.

If you want to try wearing crochet, we have made it fun with this guide.


Wear a Nude Tank Top Beneath

The challenge of wearing crochet is that it tends to expose the body.  However, this could be easily solved when you wear a nude tank beneath. When you wear this, it becomes more comfortable to wear crochet. The nude color distracts people from the pattern on the crochet.


Wear a Bandeau or a Bralette or a beneath


Depending on w. you want to go with your crochet, you can decide to wear bralette or bandeau beneath. A bandeau is like a tube top that covers the chest, while a brallete looks like a bra without an underwire.  Brallete does not look like the traditional bra.

Wear something Intriguing Beneath


While some people may not want to wear undergarments and neutral tanks, they should be creative or imaginative. You decide the colour you want to wear or mix. T. is room for the experiment when you wear crochet. You should find better ways of adding colours to your crochet.



Blend your Crochet With Denim

You can look casual when you combine braces of denim shorts/ pants with crochet. You have the opportunity of experimenting with crochet. You can wear customized crochet with denim. Imagine wearing sleek and darker denim and crochet.


Blend Bright, Fun Patterns.

Bring a hippe vibe to your style by blending a bright coloured crochet top with pants or shorts. This would bring attention to your pattern. While many people do not dare a combination of lively or attention-seeking patterns when they wear crochet, this could be something to try.


You can wear a white crochet top with solid colored shorts or pair it with your tied-dyed skirt.

Wear a Maxi Skirt


If you a small beautiful crochet top, you can balanced it with your maxi skirt.  This would create a unique attire for you.  If the crochet top is sexy, you can balance between risqué and modest with a maxi skirt. A miniskirt and a small crochet top may not work well since it would expose more skin.

Rock Crochet Top with Formal Bottoms


Do you want to go in a professional manner with a crochet top? You can blend your crochet top with a polished pencil skirt. This would help you balance your outfit, especially when the crochet top comes with custom-made bottoms.

These are ways you can wear a crochet top. These styles would make you come out looking chic.




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