In my 100L in school, I caught a guy in my lodge sniffing my pa nties. I promised to report him to Papa (the caretaker) but he started pleading that it was the devil’s work. After many hours of pleading, I allowed the matter to die.

Throughout the short time he stayed in the lodge, he wasn’t comfortable. He never dared look at me in the eyes and he would always feel embarrassed when with other lodge mates and I happen to show up in their midst. 

I know he would be thinking I had revealed it to some people in the hostel He didn’t stay till his rent expired; he packed out to live with a cousin of his at the other side of town. He always avoided me on campus. I pity him sha; he was just silly 

I think this act is not only disgusting but shameful! Most guys do it at the slightest opportunity they get! I don’t know what they benefit from such!!! I wonder the type of se xual pleasure they get  Perverts!  



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