A Lady Reveals; I slept with everyone around me because I can not say no to a man


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I am looking for a solution, I even had sex with the brother and father of my boyfriend.

I grew up in a modest family and I think it’s right that I push to fight and have the studies in the head. Having had quite a journey brilliant I finally get most of INP Yamoussoukro, which earned me an engineer working in a mobile home. I then helped my family live better also allowing my brothers to continue their studies in Europe.

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But after experiencing my first relationship at 26 years of age when I lost my virginity, everything messed me. I could not get enough of the great rides Jerome, often to the point where I break my eager me to meet him in his office to satisfy my desires. It filled me tremendously and he left for Kenya on mission changed me a lot. I was so attached to his brother I do not end with him. Meanwhile Jerome’s father was making eyes at me, the only day he dared to put his hand on my backside I could not refuse.

I thus become easy prey I agree. In service, it only takes a little time together with a colleague for dark thoughts through me. If this one does not shy he on the field. I thus had ten different relationships with colleagues.

Family i am a model but I certainly feel dirty when I’m with my two sisters. If they knew one day that I make love with their husbands, she would kill me. I suffer, I sometimes wonder if I am not sick.


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