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A Quick Guide To Fixing Shaving Reactions

Inevitably, we all have to shave, t.’s no way around it. Unless of course, you choose the pricey path of waxing or the “I-don’t-care-mood” of keeping it au naturale. However, if you fall into the larger category of humans who would rather get rid of unwanted hair, then, razor it is. Unfortunately, that’s often accompanied with unappealing razor bumps. 


While shaving brings that soothing and fresh feeling to some, it can also be a huge discomfort for some others. This is especially true when it comes to shaving .s. Wouldn’t it be relieving to find out you can finally show off those pits and hot legs without the ugly razor bumps? The dark spots that remain with you long after the skin irritation is gone could tamper with your confidence but it should be comforting to know that after-shave .s can be avoided with just a few tricks under your sleeve.

For starters, you might want to buy a better razor and an after-shave moisturizer so that skin irritations would become a thing of the past. Other than that, t.’re a few tips you can explore when you’re thinking of how to get rid of razor bumps. With these preventive tips, soon, you’ll be flaunting your arms and legs proudly. 


Check out 5 easy tips on how to get rid of razor bumps in no time…

#1. Trim the hair

Photo: Cottonbro | Pexels

Use a pair of small scissors to take off as much hair as possible before you start shaving. This would reduce skin irritation because you wouldn’t need to go back-and-forth in the same section trying to get rid of the hair. The scissors would have done a huge chunk of that job. This works best in places like the armpit and our special triangle.

#2. Don’t recycle used razors

Photo: Mel Poole | Unsplash

Another way to get rid of razor bumps is to avoid reusing your shaving stick. The skin around our armpits, vagina, chin, and several other places are pretty sensitive, thus, reusing the sme stick can trigger .s. It’s best to buy a bunch of blades and then use them one at a time. Your skin will thank you.

#3. Don’t shave dry skin

Photo: Cottonbro | Pexels

Ever noticed how inflamed your skin becomes when you shave over dry skin? This causes razor burns, itching, and redness. To prevent this, opt for shaving cream or moisturizing lotion and apply generously before shaving away. Otherwise, you can use soapy water to lather the area you want to shave in order to prep the skin.

#4. Shave in the right direction

While you might want to get it over with and move on to a great warm bath. It is advisable to shave in the direction of hair growth. No rush, just stroke steadily and with less pressure to avoid skin .s.

#5. Wash off and moisturize

Photo: Sora Shimazaki | Pexels

After each shaving session, wash the area with warm water and gently pat dry — not fast and furious. Then, apply an aftershave or a moisturizer, especially one that contains Aloe Vera. This will soothe the area and help prevent irritations. It sure works like magic!

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Featured image: cottonbro | Pexels


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