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T. are several wardrobe essentials out t. and somehow, jumpsuits seem to have climbed the ranks to become a must-have. They never go out of fashion and are one fashion piece that’s so inclusive any body type can find a style that fits perfectly. Talk about a winning factor! However, the question remains: “how do you choose the right jumpsuit?


Jumpsuits come in different fits and lengths and are no longer reserved for the brave who can stand to bare it all in any restroom just for a pee or pad change. Today, every woman who loves to dress up quickly and not have to worry about matching up pieces can certainly find her pick with this essential. Effortlessness aside, the fact that jumpsuits are always in trend makes them coveted pieces.

To choose the right jumpsuit, you need to consider your body type, as well as the fabric and cut. Choosing the wrong type of jumpsuit for your body could leave you looking like a bag of potatoes, and we don’t want that at all. Considering that each type of jumpsuit fits a specific body type, having a good knowledge of what works for your body is paramount. Luckily for you, we’ve curated this quick guide on how to choose the right jumpsuit.


Picking based on your body type…

#1. Pear body shape

This simply means you have a small torso and waistline and you are wider at the hip/butt area. Your best bet is a jumpsuit that balances out your top and bottom. It’s safe to have the bottom of your jumpsuit just glide over your hips and not cling to it.

Photo: The Concept Wardrobe

#2. Apple body shape

The apple body shape has a larger upper body and skinny lower body so a jumpsuit with less at the top, a structured waistline, and not-so-tight lower part would help create an illusion of a smaller waistline and flatter your legs.

Photo: The Concept Wardrobe

#3. Hourglass body shape

The coke bottle body type has a narrow waistline and the upper body and lower body are the same sizes. Choose jumpsuits that have flattering necklines to further complement your figure.

Photo: The Concept Wardrobe

#4. Rectangle body shape

As the name implies, your bust, waistline, and hips are the same proportion, width-wise. A jumpsuit with a belt in the mid-region would help flatter your shape.

Photo: The Concept Wardrobe

Check out 5 jumpsuits every woman should have…

#1. The casual jumpsuit

Throw that day dress back on the shelf and slide into a casual jumpsuit, it’s super comfortable and easy to style. T.’re several varieties to choose from and this saves you from slipping into the predictable tee and jeans combo. Sandals are a good idea to pair with casual jumpsuits because they stick to the theme of a laidback slay.


#2. The formal jumpsuit

This type of jumpsuit can serve for both day and night look, depending on the accessories used to style. It’s appropriate for formal occasions when you want to make an instant glam statement. While everyone would be strapped in a dress, this would make you stand out and look equally stylish.

#3. The night-out jumpsuit

This type of jumpsuit is usually on the shine and shimmer list. They give off a retro vibe that keeps you looking smoking hot. T.’s no need to accessorize much with this type of jumpsuit. A great choice is the sequin jumpsuit which is classy and fun for evening events. Don’t forget to sneak into those heels and cling to your clutch purse like the star, then strut like you own the place. Go wild or go home.


#4. The beachwear jumpsuit

This will also create a casual look but with a different feel. Wear it to the beach for that chilled, outdoorsy event. Think picnic, road trip, and even the mall. You can wear this jumpsuit with a jacket to switch up the ensemble, and then take that off at the beach to remain a girly girl.

Accessories are instrumental in making this look pop, so use them wisely. Whether you opt for a belt, hat, or scarf, it can bring your entire ensemble together nicely.


#5. The figure-hugging jumpsuit

The ladies love this look. I mean, what’s not to love about a feminine and figure-flattering piece? Absolutely nothing! They’re generally sexy and come in various styles like backless or with varying straps. Whenever the goal is to accentuate your curves and you’re wary of a dress, opt for these. You can’t go wrong with the right details befitting for your body type.

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