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I’ve been enjoying the wedding stories compilation so far and I thought it’ll be a good idea to share mine. Wedding stories are not very complete without some thieves involved. LOL! It was easier to sympathize until it was my wedding and I couldn’t comprehend.

My fiance had gotten us twinning Samsung S8 phones a few weeks to the wedding; so you can imagine my dismay when I couldn’t find my phone at the wedding.

My maid of honor, who happened to be my sister was picking most of my calls and had a bag so it was convenient for her to hold our phones, which she was doing until some people looked like they weren’t eating so she had to find out why.

wedding stories

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We both assumed she was going into the ‘lions den’ and I was in a safe place on the stage. So, I kept the said bag with me.

She took what seemed to be forever, so by the time she came back, I had gone into the ‘lion’s den’ twice. She even came back with the gist of one auntie that was stealing moimoi! A story for another day! lol then she just said… “The bag is open”.

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We checked the bag and her phone was t. but mine wasn’t. The conversations went from – “let’s dial it” to “w. was the last place you saw it” to “who and who did you talk to” to “Don’t worry, God used the thief to take away all your problems”. It didn’t dawn on me until I went for my honeymoon and didn’t have a phone to take pictures.

wedding stories

(Photo: LoveWeddingsNG)

We found out later, that all the phones stolen that day were Samsung phones- the series from S6, and although we saw a picture of someone taking a phone, he had his back turned to us.

Lesson learned. The bride is not immune to thieves.

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