Above 20-Years and Still Share a Room? Read this


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Once someone clocks the age of 18, adulthood sets in and aside all the major breakthroughs of being an adult, living alone is one of the most important.

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In Nigeria, most adults still live with their parents, some with their friends and a few others stay with extended families. While trying to start life, it is essential to start from somewhere, however, in this modern age and time, if you want to go far, living alone is something you should plan towards.

Although it can be lonely at times, living alone brings out the adulthood in you. It teaches you a lot of things about yourself and how independent you can be. It makes you stronger and helps you see life for what it is. Need more convincing? Here are some amazing benefits of living alone.

1. You Manage Time Well

Time is of an essence and something that should not be wasted. People who live alone maximize their time very well as all they do at home is for themselves. Call it being self-centered, but people who share rooms or apartment with friends or family can attest to the number of hours spent trying to do one or two things for their housemates. Even normal gisting saps a huge amount of time, talk more of other useful things.

2. You Get Better at Managing Your Money

Especially in this economic recession where prices of everything has doubled, you’ll spend less money if you stay alone. You won’t have to buy things you don’t need because the next person needs it, you won’t need to be cooking huge pots of food and you can estimate your budget for the month without missing a dime.

3. You Are More Productive and Creative

Lone time is creative time no doubt. It takes a lot of discipline to concentrate in a full house but when you are alone your creative juice flows unending and what might normally take you one week to create, can be done within 24 hours.

Alone at home

Alone at home

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4. You Become More Responsible

This may not apply to some students who find living away from home a breath of fresh air, but to adults who appreciate that opportunity for what it is. People who live alone take up more challenges and assume responsibility for themselves. When you live alone, you learn to wake yourself up, cook for yourself,  replace light bulbs, handle bills, etc. All of which you may not be privileged to do if you stay with someone.

5. You Get Better at Making Decisions

Another one of the main benefits of living alone is that you often get better at making decisions. People who live alone get to do what they want, at the time that best suits them and also do it how they want to without anyone interfering.

6. Your Spiritual Life Improves

This is another area of an individual’s life that steps up when they stay alone. Waking up in a full house of different personalities and religious beliefs may not give one the opportunity to pray as often as they should. An exception will only be if you stay with a family of the same religion and you all pray together regularly. Notwithstanding, you still need lone time for your personal studies and prayers.

7. You Have a Better Relationship with Your Friends and Family

The law of ‘See Finish’ states that when you are in the eyes of people for so long a time they know you in and out and that can lead to insults. So living away from your family and friends up their respect for you and whenever you find yourself in their company they appreciate every bit of your time.

8. You Have a Better Understanding of Your Own Abilities

Living in a solitary environment gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, such as your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, behaviors, and desires. This can help you to become more self-aware and introspective, and it also encourages you to mature and grow as a person.

9. Your Learn to Be Orderly

In most average homes, house maids do most of the house chores, thereby making the children from that home grow up into lazy men and women. If you are used to getting your room cleaned up and your laundries done back at home, staying alone will help you know how to spell the word ‘orderly’ by yourself.

10. You Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company

Some people find it hard to stay on their own just because they don’t know what to do with their lone time. They tell you ‘I’m bored because I’m the only one at home.’ This should not be so!

There are a lot of things you can do to enjoy your own company. Plan, save, and move into your own apartment in order to discover yourself better and enjoy life as the adult that you are. Best of luck!

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