According to men, these 8 things distinguish great se x from the common one!


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There is a saying: “Sex is like a pizza. Even if it was bad, this is still good!” Indeed, sex by mutual agreement will always be good just because you are already making it!

But there are some things that make this pleasant occupation even better. Here what you need, according to men, to change common “a-a-a” into “AH!”:

1. Chemistry. Probably, this is the most important aspect of the great se x. It simply must be – and that’s it! Se x without the chemistry is like eating the yesterday soup for dinner: you simply do this to fill your organism, but the process itself doesn’t bring you any pleasure.

2. Absence of discomfort. In sex, only those things that you consider awkward will be awkward. What is natural is… not without an orgasm! The potential “mine areas” include:

A) weird body sounds;

B) weird body liquids.

Just keep in mind that this is also the part of the person with whom you want to make love!

3. The feeling that the partner cares for your pleasure. We always feel that the partner thinks only about himself. If he acts indifferently and with detachment, this can kill any desire. But if you both are full of enthusiasm and first of all want to bring pleasure to your sexual partner, this only can make your sex fantastical! Regardless your technique or experience…

4. Prelude. For some people the journey itself means more than the arrival to the place of destination.

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Besides, the longer the prelude is, the bigger the expectation! Slow firing of desire is the best thing you can do for your partner!

5. Readiness for experiments. Of course, this will unlikely happen each time you have sex. But each time you discover something new in bed, this will turn your sex into just wonderful one!

It doesn’t matter if you make this together or your partner himself gives you a scarf or a bandage saying: “Hey, this turns me on.” In any case, such experience will make your sex remarkable.

6. The partner who makes your burn. No, this is not the same as the “hot partner.” Of course, this is also important, but still…

The most important is having the partner who fits you not only physically but also mentally.

We need both at the same time! Sometimes you want so much to make sex with someone who seriously turns you on and not to worry about if you fall into line with his strategy of bringing up the children!

7. Animal passion. This is such the type of sex when you feel like everything is going on like in the movie: very smoothly and beautifully. Such the type of sex as if you know about him absolutely everything! When you can surrender to passion and not to think about anything else!

8. Intuitive connection. It doesn’t matter if you know each other of a little time or make love for a few years already, but your sex will always be great if there is such a feeling between you two! Intuitive link is the direct understanding of desires and needs of another person.

This is something that frees sexual partners from the need to constantly explain: “Place your leg here, not this way… no, like this… here… just get it here!” Of course, sometimes you do need some details, and you always need to say clearly what you want… But the best sex happens right when both partners feel themselves spontaneously and naturally!


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