Accused of faking her weight loss; Woman who was shamed online after losing HALF her weight celebrates reaching goal with party – where guests pose for pictures lifting her svelte new figure


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An Auckland woman who dropped half her body weight in just 11 months has thrown a party to celebrate her ‘journey to health’.

Simone Pretscherer, 24, was 169 kilograms and dropped to her goal weight of 83 kilograms in July, documenting her entire journey on social media.

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Earlier this month Ms Pretscherer was targeted by online bullies who accused her of faking her weight loss, but she brushed off the trolling to celebrate with her friends and family on Sunday.

At the party, her brothers posed for pictures lifting Ms Pretscherer’s svelte new frame.

‘My three handsome brothers…this would not have been possible a year ago,’ Ms Pretscherer wrote.

The party came to fruition after she won $3,000 worth marquee equipment hire.

‘I couldn’t believe the timing as I was nearly at my goal weight so thought I would use it to throw a party to celebrate reaching my goal,’ Ms Pretscherer wrote on her Facebook page.

‘A huge thank you to all my friends and family that joined me in celebrating this big achievement.’

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Ms Pretscherer shared photos of the evening on Instagram, where she now has close to 32,000 followers.

‘By far the best night I’ve ever had,’ Ms Pretscherer wrote.

‘Can’t thank every single one of you that came and made it so incredible.’

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