Ace Designer Deola Sagoe Announces New ‘Teintes De Bijoux 18’ Komole Piece!


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Deola Sagoe teases a new “Teintes De Bijoux 18” Komole piece and we are all . for it! The designer who’s known for her custom Iro and Buba designs made from the traditional Aso-Oke and lace fabric shares a peek at the creation for a bride and it’s perfection.

The brand has grown a reputation for their one-of-a-kind carefully crafted designs inspired by the Iro & Buba but with a modern twist to it. In 2016, the brand released a range of bridal collection called the “Komole Kandid” collection which caters for the exotic bride. If you want class, royalty and luxury for weddings and other occasional events, the Komole collection does that for you!

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This time, she announces a new range of the Teintes De Bijoux -Komole piece gleaming with perfection all over it. From the colour to its intricate design, this piece is everything a bride wants on her big day!

She introduces us to the gorgeous set which appears quite different from the other ones. The Iro and Buba set has a lace overlay, peephole detail and a signature “blouson” sleeves. This beauty is ready to be worn by a bride and we can’t wait to see what the other pieces look like!

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What do you think about the piece?

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