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Ada Ehi Moses and Husband, Ehi Moses Mark Their Wedding 15th Anniversary with Heartwarming Love Messages FS News

Yesterday, on June 7th, 2023, the talented gospel singer Ada Ehi Moses and her beloved husband, Ehi Moses, celebrated a significant milestone in their lives— their wedding anniversary. The couple seized the opportunity to share their immense joy and overflowing love for each other across their various social media platforms, capturing the hearts of their adoring fans.

Ada Ehi Moses and Ehi Moses took to their social media accounts to commemorate this special occasion in a truly heartfelt and captivating manner. Through a series of heartwarming posts, they invited their followers into their world of love, happiness, and commitment.

Videos capturing their cherished memories together were shared, offering glimpses into the journey they have embarked upon side by side. These delightful snippets unveiled the genuine bond and unbreakable connection they have nurtured throughout their marital bliss.


In addition to the captivating videos, Ada Ehi Moses and Ehi Moses posted a collection of loved-up photos that radiated pure affection. These captivating snapshots showcased their radiant smiles, tender embraces, and the palpable chemistry that has undoubtedly fueled their enduring love story.

Accompanying their visual declarations of love were words that resonated with authenticity and unwavering devotion. Ada Ehi Moses and Ehi Moses crafted touching messages, assuring each other of their love, gratitude, and unwavering commitment. Their heartfelt words served as a testament to the profound impact they have had on each other’s lives.

As the couple shared these intimate glimpses into their anniversary celebration, their followers and fans were touched by their genuine expressions of love and support. The comments section of their posts flooded with warm wishes, congratulations, and heartfelt messages, as their admirers joined in commemorating their special day.

The anniversary celebration of Ada Ehi Moses and Ehi Moses serves as a beautiful reminder of the power of love and the importance of nurturing a strong and enduring partnership. Their public dis. of affection and devotion inspires countless individuals who look up to them as role models, igniting hope and faith in the beauty of love.


As their wedding anniversary celebration unfolded on social media, Ada Ehi Moses and Ehi Moses graciously thanked their fans, friends, and well-wishers for their continuous support and encouragement throughout their journey. They expressed their deep appreciation for the love and affection they have received, acknowledging the significant role their followers . in their lives.

Ada Ehi Moses and Ehi Moses’ wedding anniversary celebration stands as a testament to the enduring power of love, reminding us all to cherish and celebrate the remarkable connections we have in our lives. Their love story continues to inspire, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the beautiful chapters they will undoubtedly write together in the years to come.


See one the post that caught our attention yesterday. “15 years today you said to me “YES I DO”. I’m forever grateful.
Such a blessing doing this life journey with you my baby.

A powerhouse we have become by God’s grace Abd loving kindness.


My best confidant, pillar of support, the mother to my princess, the love of my life.
This journey began and former we go if Christ tarries. I will marry you over Abd over again on earth. And when we get to heaven😁
Happy 15th wedding anniversary to us” Ehi Moses wrote.

Ada Ehi Moses reposted and replied him.
“Happiest 15th anniversary my love😍I will forever say yes to you Ehi Moses, the most beautiful true Christian gentleman ever % by His Grace it’s till Jesus comes baby, I love you “


See some of the photos shared by singer Ada Ehi Moses and her husband Ehi Moses yesterday.




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