After S EX, How To Behave As if The Relationship Is Still New.


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Sequel to the topic we discussed yesterday about the relationship principle for ladies, we are going to discuss about the how to behave like your relationship is still new even after s*x. I know you will like this, we all like it fresh and blazing hot relationship. Now lets get to the point on how to make the relationship new even after s*x.

Men respect anything that they have to invest effort into. It is no different than a teenager with a new sports car. If you hand the keys to an expensive luxury convertible to a sixteen-year-old on a silver platter, he will get into all kinds of trouble. He’ll get speeding tickets, he will bang it up, and he wont take care of it. But if the same kid has to go out and mow some lawns, trim some tree, and flip a few burgers over summer, he’ll be much more protective of that car. If a buddy of his says ”Hey, let’s burn some rubber and see how fast this will go, he’ll say ”Are you cr*zy? I worked all summer to buy these tires.

Someone shared a very simple yet poignant story about how his fiancee won his respect because she kept her presence of mind after s*x. The first night they were intimate, she got a call from her aunt in the morning. The fiancee told him that it might take a while. It was more than five minutes then he started clearing  his throat to hint that he wanted her to get off the phone, his fiancee covered the receiver and whispered, ”Do you have something else you need to take care of? Please don’t let me keep you if you need to go.”

Certainly not the advice one might anticipate reading in Miss Manners column, which would probably advise you to say  ”How rude of me. I will jump off the phone and fetch your slippers too! The fiancee gave him the vibe that said he was free to go, in stark contrast to most women, who typically dote on the guy. What it showed was: ”I’m not going to stop being who I’ve always been because of a night of passion. This is my world and I’m not going to stop living the way I always have”.

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Ladies stop letting guys feel so so special after a night of intimacy do not forget being intimate with a guy doesn’t mean he loves you or care about you, stop giving them that edge of them feeling they used you. A night of intimacy should never change who you are. You should be you and not be enslaved to him.

After your first night of intimacy behave like it is no big deal, it makes the guy wonder why you are like that. Men are intrigue by anything they do not have complete control over.  When you are upset or sprung, he knows he is in control. So cool your jets HONEY. CHILL. After s ex, just do what guys do: clean up, eat if you want to, watch TV and then fall asleep on the couch, in that worn-in spot with the butt imprint on it.

Don’t agree to let him stop by without calling. Let him put forth some effort. Regardless the reason do not be a late night convenience. After s*x don’t go stup*d. Make him treat you with respect. Do not assume, ”that’s how guys are”. C’mon, its not like they plan things in advance.   ”They don’t go out of their way”. WRONG.  If something is important, it gets priority. When you do not go chasing him he will come looking for his girl.


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