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For many couples, the honeymoon is the time to rest and unwind after a long and stressful wedding planning. The wedding is over, and the vacation is wonderful but what will you do after the honeymoon?
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But marriage is not a vacation, and for it to get off to a good start, every couple needs to make a to-do list after the honeymoon.

These are the first things to do:

1. Open gifts

after the honeymoon

The wedding gifts you received need to be opened and logged. This way, you can know which gifts to use in your new home and which gifts to store away for later.

2. Send thank you cards


After you have opened the gifts, it’s time to send notes or cards (or emails, or as a last resort, text messages) to thank the people who gave you wedding gifts or contributed to your wedding. Personalise each note and let your thanks be heartfelt. It may seem old-fashioned, but this is very important. As a married couple you need to foster relationships like these.

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3. Set up the house

Your house needs maintenance, painting, and unpacking and this is the time to do it. If you can afford to hire a service to set up the house for you while on honeymoon, that’s great too. If not, this is one of the first tasks you have to settle after your honeymoon.

4. Start the process of name change
Keep your relationship

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If you have chosen to take your husband’s name, a lot has to be done to make the name change official. Start as early as possible to start all the applications so that it does not hold you back.

5. Open a joint account

Every family needs a family account for running the home. Now that you two are officially married and names changed, it’s time to open one for smoother financial planning.

You should also schedule a date with your girlfriends, that’s the time to gist them about all the fun you had on your honeymoon!

Settle into your new status and enjoy your marriage.

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