Aju Love Connection Set To Shake Up The Game of Dating For Nigeria Professionals (CLICK)


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Aju James, CEO of Aju Love Connections

For many professionals in Nigeria, a successful dating life can be difficult to attain due to the circumstances that come with a demanding career. It can be hard to find the time to date and meet new people with demanding hours and busy schedules.

AJU LOVE CONNECTION is a new [brand] that is designed to serve the modern-day Nigerian professional’s dating needs. Not only will AJU Love Connection serve professionals in Nigeria, but it is also aimed to help Nigerians in diaspora spice up their dating life. Nigerians in diaspora will be able to interact and communicate with professionals who are still living in Nigeria. AJU Love Connection is designed to cater to professional adults from all backgrounds that have been down on their luck when finding the love of their life.

To facilitate an easy dating experience, ALC will have ten main components:

  • Face-to-face dating events: where participants will get a chance to mix and mingle with singles in their area at Ember Creek 32 Awolowo Road Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria on last Saturdays of every month. (First Launch is April 30th 2016)
  • Online dating that will allow the user to meet singles at the click of a . globally.
  • “Ask Aju”, a live internet where members will be able to ask the founder of AJU Love Connection unlimited questions about sex and relationships
  • Intimate phone chat line and life skype where members can have “Sizzling Live Chat” fun with singles over the phone/video whenever they want.
  • Relationship/ family counseling by the head of department Peace Studies and conflict Resolution (National open university) Col Olawadere , Amos Adedeji holder (Masters degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution) Abiola Hamid and Ambassador of Peace Mary-Jane AJU Elumelu-James also holder of post graduate degree in Peace Studies and conflict resolution.
  • Free Medical counseling by volunteering doctors who are determined to help Nigerian youths with their medical problems.
  • Forum for all kinds of ongoing relationship discussion initiated by members and founder.
  • Talent Showcase of youths who have exemplified themselves in their various professions: this platform is to showcase the talents of our youths.
  • State of the art AJU Love Connection website and mobile apps (link) (for your cell phones).
  • Platinum Celebrity Personality: A professional may need this platform to showcase him or herself for quicker response to love connection.

“I cannot wait to see all the marriages that will come out of this,” said AJU, founder of AJU Love Connection. “In one dating event, you will have access to a number of qualified professionals like yourself who may be your potential life partner. It’s a dream come true for today’s professional.”

Starting in Lagos, face-to-face dating events will occur on the last Saturdays of each month, and in the future we will tour various states around the country.

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MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA FOR LIVE EVENTS: Strictly by membership, must be a working professional. Minimum age for female is 21 while males must be 26 years old.

We are now offering discounted registration fee for the whole month of March until April 20th after which we would revert to our regular payment plan..

So HURRY UP and take advantage of this awesome price.

Visit or call us at 08089030651.

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