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The Nigerian wedding culture is so beautiful. No matter how far or wide we go, there’s always an unseen pull to tap into the richness of the Nigerian wedding culture through traditional marriage.

There are different steps in the Igbo traditional marriage, like it’s so beautiful, they need to take their time.

After the introduction (iku aka), the Iju ese (to ask) comes next. The girls’ family enters into FBI mode to find information about the man, his family and things that can hinder a beautiful marriage for their daughter. They are looking to know about:

1. Reputation

They ask people in the man’s community about the family and what they are known for. This helps them find out if the family has a history of trouble making, or kindness, laziness, or generosity etc.

2. Relations

Civilization has influenced our names, where we live, what we speak, etc. Marrying within a certain range of kinship is highly frowned upon in Igbo land, therefore an intending couple that don’t know they’re . will need this investigation, to avoid stories that touch.

Nigerian wedding culture

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3. Genetic make-up

The family asks for characteristics or illnesses peculiar to that family, like fertility, longevity, mental illnesses, theft, etc.

(Photo: Instagram/Igboweddings

4. Ancestral line

Igbos believe that ancestry plays a huge role in the progress of a marriage, and although this thought process is dying out, those that believe in the outcast or osu caste system, still see the ancestral line investigation as a very necessary part of their mission.

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Once the investigation is concluded, and it’s positive, the next step is a go!

For more on the Nigerian wedding culture, watch this space. You can also check out these beautiful traditional wedding attires.


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