“All relationships are not the same.”- Veteran comedian Ali Baba pens down his thoughts on relationships and infidelity


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“All relationships are not the same. Because the people in the relationships are not the same. While one lady, 22yrs of age, might be understanding and not put you under pressure to marry her, another may be 38, and not have the luxury of time. Some ladies may not count your not buying them gifts or spending money on them, as anything. But to other babes, your gifts and spending on them is the proof of love. Some months ago, a lady’s husband impregnated his ex.. They weathered the storm and moved on. Another lady, during BRF’s first term, cant remember the year, saw a text message from a lady expressing her love and how her husband makes her feel, and she dumped the marriage in a bin. She married another guy, 4 years later.

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Who was later to impregnate her best friend. And that is not to say you should sit in a relationship and take crap ooo. I know a guy whose wife has given him 4 kids. The 3rd one a boy, is not his. All the other 3 lovely girls are his. And it was not like that happened when they were separated. He knew who fathered the child, but he kept it tight to his chest. 16yrs on, they are still married. Some men have ended marriages because the wife was seen at a party dancing with an ex. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. What some people will take and not break their strides, could make some others to tumble over.

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Some men of God, yes, Pastors, can’t tolerate what some mere mortals tolerate. So its not about religion or being spirit filled. Oh! I nearly forgot. One lady in Lekki, in 2012, was a sparring partner for her husband for nearly, 3 years. I’m talking, teeth removing beating. The First Lady of lagos intervened, and threatened the man with jail term if he ever put his hand on her again. Meanwhile, in Gbagada, a lady walked out of a marriage because “he raised his voice at me and I was scared for my life” Hiaaaan! !

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In spite of all of the above, one thing is sure, if you both want it, you can work anything out. Trust me. I recently heard a guy had bedded his mother in-law. His wife’s mum. Not step. Not adopted. And it’s all forgotten. Me I no fit. Even babe wey, your guy browse dey hard… talk less, the one your old man..”

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