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All You Need To Get Married In A Jehovah Witness Churchfashionstyle

When you have the right facts, your wedding journey becomes way smoother. The process for you to get married in a Jehovah Witness church is, contrary to popular opinion, very easy!

Here are things to know before you get married in a Jehovah Witness church:

1. Permission

When you decide to get married, you’ll have to officially tell the elders of the church, then write a letter asking that you would like to use the Kingdom Hall for your wedding, that way you’ll be informed of the available dates.

2. Picking a wedding speaker

An elder is usually supposed to speak at your wedding so you can meet an elder of your choice and ask if he could grant you the privilege. The elder also becomes the one who’ll give you some basic counselling at an agreed date.

getting married in a jehovah witness church

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3. Dress requirements

Dress as you would if you were going to church. The church won’t specifically tell you what to wear but they expect you and your bridesmaids to be modest and decent. Your dresses should have sleeves and neither you nor the ladies on your train can wear trousers.

4. On a side note

In the past, it was okay to do all the three customary Nigerian weddings, but not anymore. The church now advises that you pick one in addition to the court wedding.

getting married in a jehovah witness church

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5. Let’s get married

When all is said and done… By all means, tie the knot! And live happily!

It’s easy breezy  to get married in a Jehovah Witness church. Are you Catholic? This is all you need to know to get married in a Catholic church. 





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