All you need to know about Mas turbation – Is it Evil?, Is it Safe? Is it Common? Do Girls do it? What is the Risk?


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Mas.turbation is the self-stimulation of the se.x organs and other erogenous body parts for the purpose of pleasure, usually leading to or targeting org.asm.

Simply put, it is having solo se.x by touching yourself.

Many people mas.turbate, and it has been described as the only form of se.x with zero risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

It is believed that mas.turbation has no identifiable physical, psychological, or emotional harmful – unless it becomes an addiction.

For many people, it starts as private self-exploration before real sexual activity.

It can also be healthy way to express and explore one’s sexuality and to release sexual tension without necessarily having intercourse, thereby escaping the risks.

Is Mas.turbation safe? Yes, it has been said to be the safest form of se.x because it is not possible to get an STD or get pregnant by touching yourself. Unlike in other se.x, you cannot be cheated or abused since it you and you alone.

Is Mas.turbation evil? No, there are differing opinions about the act, especially based on religion and morality. But health experts have described it as normal and it is a personal choice anyone can make. Its evil status is only so defined by some religious labelings.  

How common is Mas.turbation? It is very common among youths and adults. It has been stated that 95% of all people, male and female mas.turbate with a degree of frequency. Se.x wise, some surveys state that about 90% of men and 65% of women do it.

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Do girls Mas.turbate? Members of both sexes mas.turbate. Surveys have shown that more men/boys mas.turbate but this could be due to the fact that women hardly talk about mas.turbating. One survey says about 59% of women age 18 and younger have masturbated.

Are there any risks in mas.turbating? Though there is no direct risk of mas.turbation, doing it too frequently can lead to erectile dysfunction, pain in the pe.nis and premature eja.culation.

How Do You Mas.turbate? There is no one way to mas.turbate. Basically, you touch yourself in places that give you pleasure – with or without a se.x toy – until you reach a peak of se.xual pleasure.

Is mas.turbation sexually rewarding? The effect of mas.turbation is almost like that of normal se.x. It leads to very strong org.asms if done right. Sometimes, it can even be more intense and enjoyable because you don’t have to think about what the partner feels and there is also no shame. The privacy of it sometimes gives and added excitement.

Is Mas.turbation a kind of Se.x? Yes, because you get the same reward as se.x. Once you get se.xual pleasure from an act, then it is se.x. So mas.turbation is se.x

Can one mas.turbate and still be a vir.gin? Unless a se.x toy, like a dildo or vibrator, is inserted into a va.gina, it can be safely assumed that the hymen is still in place, meaning the person is still a vir.gin. But people have differing definition of vir.ginity. So it depends on the person in question.

Se.x experts have often said mas.turbation is natural, normal, and healthy, a way of self-exploration and se.xual expression with little or no associated risks.

However, moderation is needed because excessive mas.turbation has been associated to problems like premature eja.culation.

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