All You Need to Know about Rocking Statement Earrings


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Choosing the right outfit for either a special occasion or casual one is quite a challenge but you can change that look to a very swish one by accessorizing. Now, earrings are a big part of your look – and t. is nothing that rivals bold fashion choice like statement earrings.

Whichever one you like – chandelier, prom, chunky, vintage, fringe, flower, and minimalist – be sure to keep in mind the shape of your face. Studs and triangular ones fit oval faces while drop earrings that don’t taper at the bottom are best for heart-shaped faces.

Rocking statement earrings


So, how do you make sure you aren’t drowning out the effect of your statement earrings?

Simple Accessories

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You want to make sure that your earrings standout, so, go for minimal accessories. A clutch would be a good place to start if it is a cocktail dress. If going for a formal look with an edge, a leather bag without chain strap would do. Your bracelet, bangles and rings should be delicate in design so as to focus attention on your face.

Cat Eyes And Bold Lips
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Be a little bold or dramatic (if you can pull it off without looking tacky) with makeup. Be sure to accentuate your eyes and lips in. Use bold colours for lipstick choice such as wine, maroon, mauve, matte and burgundy. Then give it the retro cat eye to crown it.

Swept Up Hair

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Swept up hair effortlessly puts the statement earrings on dis.. Hair can be packed up in a bun or ponytail. If you let your hair loose you’d have to keep tucking in your hair behind your ears to give them a chance to be seen and admired. So keep it simple.




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