Allwell Ademola Celebrates 35th Birthday Every Year, Explains Why


Actress and singer, Allwell Ademola, got many people talking recently when she celebrated her birthday, stating that she was 35 as she had in the past few years always celebrated her 35th birthday.

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Nigerian actress and singer, Allwell Ademola caused a stir on social media as she celebrated yet another 35th birthday, four times in a row.

“How can one person be clocking the same age for four continuous years? How can that be real? You obviously know it is a joke. If someone is celebrating the same age every year, you should know the person is just ‘catching a cruise.’

“The person is just trying to be funny and staying young. I am an entertainer; I am just trying to entertain people. Clocking 35 every year doesn’t mean I am 35. It is just a way of entertaining people. Also, next year, I am going to be celebrating another 35th year,” she said.

Asked how she felt celebrating her birthday amid the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, “I am grateful to God for being alive. I am grateful that we have been able to scale through COVID-19, though it is still t..

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Baring her thoughts on why many marriages don’t last, she said, “It has always been like that since the days of our parents. We have seen people fall in and out of love. Marriages break, people divorce, it’s like that everyw.. But first of all, I think we have so many millennial marriages and millennial children. I will blame it on education, to an extent. People are becoming ‘whiter’ than the whites. In the Bible, it is said that the woman would give back in tears and the man will take care of his wife. That is how it has been.

“But now, both parties take care of each other. The man takes care of the wife and the wife takes care of the husband because they are both working. They both collaborate to pay the children’s school fees and pay house rents. That is how it is now. I have a feeling that because people are fighting over equality, some women feel they cannot stand being with their husbands, or that is why some men seek adventure and think they cannot stay with a woman under the same roof. We just have to pray to God to bring back the times of old when t. was sanity in our lives and in our homes.”

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