Amber Rose shames then forgives Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa at #SlutWalk


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Stripper turned model Amber Rose yesterday, October 3, held her inaugural slut walk event in Los Angeles.

The show which almost looked like a circus of scantily dressed men and women protesting against gender inequality and rape-victim blaming, will most likely be remembered for Amber publicly breaking down and forgiving her ex-es Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.

Amber who said her Slut Walk will have a zero tolerance policy on all hateful language, racism, sexism, ableism, fat-shaming, transphobia, or any other kind of bigotry, failed to add some exceptions – her mother.

Amber’s mother stole the show when she brandished a placard that read “Fuck yo 30 showers” in an attempt to reply Kanye West’s February 2015 diss of Amber Rose.

It could be recalled that Kanye in a radio interview said, “It’s very hard for a woman to wanna be with someone that’s with Amber Rose… I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim!”

The mother-of-one while dressed in a lingerie delivered a speech that will only be remembered for the moment she broke down and publicly forgave her ex-es for shaming her.

Why she never mentioned slut-shaming the Kardashian’s is unclear but hey, it’s her show right?

Even though she admitted Wiz Khalifa apologized for dissing her in a song, she still regurgitated his actions saying she gave him a beautiful son yet he told the world she was just a stripper.

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In her own words, “All I did was ever love him. I just loved him so much. And gave him a beautiful son, and to be told that I was nothing but a stripper — it hurt.”

Letting all the negativity go, Amber finished her speech by saying she has forgiven them. But she somehow forgot to mention Kanye came for her after she dissed his wife and in-laws on social media.

It is somewhat safe to say the #SlutWalk have had zero press while the near-nudity and her forgiveness speech keeps trending.

Its hard to determine if most of the attendees got the message of her #SlutWalk but one thing however rings clear, Amber will be Amber as seen in this photo she endorsed below:


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