AMVCA 2018: 5 Red Carpet Natural Hairstyles You Would Love!


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Black girl magic wasn’t left out on the AMVCA 2018 red carpet!

The natural hair industry is expanding by the day and this is accompanied by increasing popularity in the beauty industry. The biggest red carpets in the world always have a natural hair choice on them. That fact is quite evident as Lagos had a taste at the AMVCA 2018. We know hearts are dropping and hands are itching so let’s get right to it!

Abimbola Craig

The actor and producer is ever gorgeous in a multi dimensional natural hairstyle. We are unsure if extensions made the cut, all we know is that the hairstyle is tucked in to perfection and it looks pretty damn good!

Instagram / Abimbola Craig

Oreka Godis

The multi talented actor opts for quite an unusual choice but what are the red carpets for, if not stunting? She stuns in a Japanese themed hairstyle that preaches representation and inclusion. What a way to get her message across!

Instagram / Oreka Godis

Ade Laoye

You would think ponytail didn’t stand a chance. The beauty went further to crown her hairstyle by making her natural hair into didi before adding the draw string pony to the tip. What a twist to add!

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Instagram / Ade Laoye

Anto Lecky

Everyone knows Anto doesn’t joke when it comes to her natural hair. Almost like Abimbola Craig, she rocked a two-dimensional wrap hairstyle. It’s the most pronounced natural hairstyle we have seen on her.

Instagram / Mary Joanne

Ebenezer Eno

Obviously, these ladies were all about wrapping it in for the night. Eby is flawless in an up-do made out of the combination of her natural hair and extensions. We love the twist highlight detail that completed the hairstyle.

Whole lot of black girl sauce? Hell yeah! Bring on the unconventional…..

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