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An upcoming Sega broadcast will unveil a new mystery project – FashionStyleng

An upcoming Sega broadcast will unveil a new mystery project


Sega has announced an upcoming broadcast via its Japanese Twitter account today (May 27) scheduled for next week.

The relatively cryptic Tweet includes a picture of what looks like a Sega Mega Drive controller cake. As translated via Twitter itself, the caption reads; “Urgent notice! Live broadcast to announce Sega’s new project will be delivered from 20:00 on June 3 (Friday).”


Accounting for time differences, Sega’s livestream will be take place at 12PM BST.

The announcement also revealed that Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Yosuke Okunari will both make appearances at the livestream.


Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Image: Sega

The translation isn’t completely accurate, but it’s close enough to give a general idea of what’s being communicated. It’s worth noting that both Miyazaki and Okunari are long-time employees at Sega and have credits dating back to 1996 and 1994 respectively.


So, what could the announcement be? It’s open for surprises, but the inclusion of a Mega Drive controller (or a chocolatey representation of one, to be more specific), seems to give the impression that it’ll be something more retro-based. T.’s also the specific mention of Miyazaki and Okunari, which is noteworthy.

It might be a bit of a leap in logic, but this could be hinting at another mini console release from Sega. In 2019, Sega released the Mega Drive Mini which, like other mini consoles of its type, was a smaller replica of the classic console that came bundled with a catalogue of Mega Drive titles. Sega’s next home console in line for the Mini release treatment would be the 1991 Mega-CD (which didn’t see a UK release until 1993). Of course, it could also be something else entirely.


Sega Mega Drive controller
Sega Mega Drive six-. controller, as shown during the Nintendo Direct. Image credit: Nintendo

The broadcast can be viewed on YouTube as well as the Japanese streaming platform Niconico.

In other news, Sony has announced it will also be hosting a broadcast next week with a new State of Play, set to run for roughly 30 minutes.


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