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Latest Ankara Styles >> This amazing material can be use to sew styles beyond the usual plain skirt and blouse style, Let’s go check them out, shall we ?

Wine patterned gown
This outfit is not just fine but it’s extraordinarily classy. A perfectly sewn outfit. if you love unusual style, you need to rock this but be careful of dirt lol coz you will be sweeping the events.


Latest 2015 Styles

Blue pattern gown
This gown is an all Ankara outfit, a wonderful style that really fit the wearer.

latest ankara styles @nmaokoye


Pleating skirt and Denim shirt (Ankara Combo)
We love it when our fashionistas mix it with English wears, it gives that African yet urban feeling.

latest ankara styles @precuteociti


Plain and pattern
You might not want to believe but it’s still an Ankara outfit, truly! it is
This fashionista is rocking her Ankara in a style that suits her, which fits her also.
You can Rock that Ankara in a corporate environment by sewing this style

latest ankara styles @houseofsarah14


This gown with the red color combination is fab and fitting
Remember, before choosing a style, always consider your stature.
She’s really looking stunning in this gown

latest ankara styles @jacquescollection

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Ankara top(with a blue strip) and trouser
A good fashionista goes out of the usual way of styling her outfit, to creating a new trending style. Nicely sewn!

latest ankara styles @unicduchess


Ankara top and pants
Another radiant style, if you are a lover of red color, just try this
If you are always ready to rock pants, rock this too

latest ankara styles @ankara_stylez


Brown and Yellow
Some people follow a trend while some create a trend.
Her style is a fashion trend that is to be followed

latest ankara styles @ankara_stylez


Champagne and red Ankara
Wow!!!! I love this, she’s really looking hot.

latest ankara styles @ankara_stylez


This is really fashionable, her low back style and colourful attire really speak volume.
Empress Jamila’s fashion sense is not questionable and all her colours harmonize well.

latest ankara styles we like cover Empress Jamila

Cc Empress Jamila

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Click here for Latest Ankara Styles >> Read More

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