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<p>Gabifresh has managed to make a simple looking leather stretchy pants look classy, this classic casual look gives you a refreshing and comfortable feel and the fact that it is stylish enough to get you into any event is everything.</p>


Black White

<p> </p>
<p>This look is comfortable and exciting because of the addition of the disco platforms, I love the entirety of this ensemble and the shirt Tee dress is just adorable.</p>



<p>This culotte from demestriks line is simply gorgeous, this look is certainly not a domestic look.</p>



<p>The design of this jumpsuit is amazing and it fits perfectly, its not overwhelming in any way, rather it is elegant and classy.</p>



<p>This cute statement dress from is amazingly gorgeous, the floral touch is simply beautiful.</p>



<p>Okay its safe to say Gabifresh is a fashion slayer, she took this look to a whole new level and am in love with the fabulosity of this ensemble.</p>



<p>Love or Hate Gabifresh sure has some amazing looks, you don’t have to be a plus size diva to mimic gabi’s look, anybody can pull this off with the right peices.</p>
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Posted by: Deolu

December 17, 2015


Zahra Buhari (pictured at the bakery) helped out with the concept, according to frostcakes/Instagram. See more photos after the cut…

cake3 cake2

.: LIB

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<span style="display:none" class="updated">2015-12-17</span></p>
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After a night party a man woke up believing his girlfriend was giving him a blowjob… but found a gay stranger instead in Dunfermline, Scotland, UK.

The victim, who has not been named, was sleeping on his bed when he felt someone lowering his pants, touching his genitals and  performing oral Se x on him.

After a while the man opened his eyes and got the shock of his life — there was a 22-year-old stranger, whom he and his girlfriend met the night before. The enraged victim jumped out of bed and burst into tears after his attacker, Dale Everard, told him “you liked it”.

In a bizarre turn of events, the pair met Everard at the nightclub, who quickly befriended the victim’s girlfriend with whom he was drinking and dancing most of the evening. Complaining of a headache and being too drunk for the party, the victim went home planning to sleep. 

Shortly afterwards his girlfriend and Everard left the club and headed to the flat the woman shared with her boyfriend. When they arrived home the pair had an argument about inviting a stranger to their house but eventually agreed on letting him stay.

Several hours after the quarrel the duo fell asleep in different rooms and Everard took his chance. He entered the bedroom, where the unsuspecting man was sleeping and Se xually assaulted him.

Dale Everard was jailed for 18 months after admitting assaulting the man while he was asleep, under the influence of alcohol and incapable of giving or withholding consent. He has also been put on the Se x offenders register.

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<h4 class="entry-title">Nigerian Writer’s Sexy Book Is A Top Success</h4>
<p class="byline">By Blessing Obineche</p>
<p> <span class="entry-date">— Dec 17, 2015 9:14 am</span> | </header>

Nigerian novelist Laura Tata Onuigbo believes the bedroom is the best place for writing when it comes to five-star erotica about sex in Southampton.

The single and searching writer, who now lives in the city, has caused a stir with her debut publication, Red Passport, reaching number three in the Amazon chart.

And it also led to a demand from her sister to include an 18 certificate on the front cover.

Laura Tata Onuigbo

Laura admits it’s not just her characters who are busy behind the bedroom door.

She said: “I’ve found that the muse comes more to me when I’m relaxed.

“I write in my bedroom so that I know the bed is there for me when ideas refuse to flow.

“My little sister, Obianuju, was the first person who read the manuscript.

“She rated it 18, saying that some chapters might be too erotic for young people.”

The story of four young Nigerians attempting to stay in England against tightening immigration policies is a gripping thriller.

Set against the scrapping of post-study immigration visas, Red Passport’s central characters will go to any length to avoid the authorities.

It is a story, Laura knows only too well.

Born in the Coal City of Enugu, Nigeria, she holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Nigeria, and a Masters degree from Southampton Solent University
She added: “It’s about a struggle by Nigerian citizens to remain in the UK against so many discouraging and nerve-wracking odds.

“Because the hardship in Nigeria – corruption, unemployment, insecurity and hunger – has made returning home an unattractive option, the characters are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed, including illicit sex.

“The setting of the story is Southampton because not only do I live ., but I have fallen in love with it and see it as my home.

“The book was a much-needed chance to pay tribute to the city.”

Laura gave up her job with an American inventory company to concentrate on writing Red Passport.

Going by the five-star reviews from readers since its publication last month, it would seem the gamble has paid off.

Adebayo Opeyemi stated: “Wow! This is one novel I don’t want to finish. It’s hot, hot, hot!”

And fellow reviewer Sam Samis added: “I love this book. Once you get to chapter six, it becomes a crazy ride!”
Red Passport reached number 3 in the Amazon Erotica chart.

For more details, visit Amazon and search for Laura Tata Onuigbo, where the paperback and Kindle formats of Red Passport are both available or find her on Twitter at @LauraOnuigbo.

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The threat of oral se x is taking an alarming dimension. Findings have revealed that youth and young couples indulge in this sordid act. Giving oral se x to a man (blow job) has been proven to be risky. The dreaded HIV aides could be transmitted through oral se x.

Scientists believe it could cause cervical cancer, and the pervasive but often silent Human Papillonia Virus (HPV) has been finding its way into women’s mouth.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with some doctors who were against the practice of oral se x as it is a means of contacting deadly diseases. Although the HPV itself is not actually cancerous, it can only affect cells causing abnormal tissue growth in the mouth, the lips, the tongue, inside of the cheeks and the throat.

According to experts, detecting the disease in its early stage can increase survival chances by 90 percent. Knowing how to spot the symptoms, the virus occurs more in the genital area, if not taken care of can cause cervical cancer.

The HPV is very prevalent in Nigeria and instances of cancer are rising. The important thing is that HPV does not lead to HIV as they are two different viruses that affect different parts of the body.

According to a study published by Nigerian Medical Journal in 2015, there is a strong need to raise awareness about the dangers of HPV and the vaccinations that can prevent it. If Nigerians are ignoring the most common type of cancer created by HPV, then mouth cancer is going to be even deadlier.

In a chat with Dr Iyke, who agreed that the HPV virus exists, he advised against the practice of oral se x. It is not medically healthy. HPV is mostly gotten amongst se xually active people. When the virus is gotten, it has a time line, especially for women depending on the person’s age.

As a woman, to confirm if the virus is there and mostly found in the genital area, the person will have to undergo a screening called Papanicolar Screen (PAPScreen). If the virus is fully grown and the oraficial structures have been damaged, it shows through Ebora cancer.

The virus is not only gotten through oral se x but through anal and genital se x. The Human Papilloma Virus affects the skin exposed to moisture, such as the mouth, rectum, cervix and throat.


One thing PHV shares with HIV is that the carrier usually has no idea he has the virus. The carrier develops the virus and passes it during the exchange of bodily fluids with someone else. The recipient is the one who runs the risk of contracting whatever disease the virus creates.

Which means, the person giving oral se x is at risk of getting the HPV virus from the person she is pleasuring and then the virus could trigger cancerous cell growth in the recipient.

However, the rise in the number of throat and mouth cancer due to oral se x cannot be ignored as the virus is hard to detect and can move quickly once it is passed to someone.

Nigerians have to put more emphasis on being vaccinated against HPV and diminishing the possibilities of contacting any kind of disease from oral se x. HPV virus can be reduced through protection during oral se x which is now preferred among couples.

The rise of the virus in Nigeria can be frustrating to hear. Oral se x is no longer a safe alternative to intercourse, except with proper precaution.

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