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Anthony Joshua Gives Insight To His Epic Rematch ‘Modified’ Training Sessions In Preparation Against Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk | Latest Sports and Football News in Nigeria

British Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua has revealed that he has been under a lot of criticism, pressures coupled with series of rigorous training sessions ahead of his rematch against Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk.

The epic clash which is set to take place at Saudi Arabia will be televised live this Saturday night on Sky Sports Box Office, at £26.95 pay-per-view.


Joshua who now has a new coach in Mexican-American guru Robert Garcia admitted to getting his approach wrong the last time as
Usyk dominantly won him to take his heavyweights titles.

When he sat in a small huddle in London shortly before taking flight to Saudi Arabia he did his best to explain his state of mind but contradictions were still so rife that it was hard to follow his reasoning as culled from Dailymail.


As a 32-year-old multi-millionaire self-made by sporting triumphs, AJ is not a man to feel sorry for. But t. still can be sympathy for his inner turmoil as he pursues greatness in the prize-ring. Not least because he is burdened now by criticism from some quarters, mockery by a cruel minority.

A psychologist is a key member of Joshua’s sizeable team. Wish the good doctor well as he works to unravel some of these Joshua musings.


Starting with all those barbs: “I try not to focus on criticism. T. are a lot of positive vibes out t. as well. Especially inside the four walls of my home and the environment I shape around me. Should I shape that environment around having had a couple of defeats?”

“Records matter now because people forget quickly these days. But I study the win-loss records of the famous endlessly – and boxers who consistently fight the best rarely go undefeated through their career. Annoying as it is, I know I have to cope with losing. I fight the best.”


How about the widespread speculation that he would not have the desire to box on after being humiliated by Usyk in the first fight and whether he will hang up the gloves if he loses to him again.

“Right after, in the changing room, I knew I would fight again. I was telling everyone: Come on. What the f***. We are warriors. We lost a fight but not the war. This is an ongoing battle. It’s not over ’til it’s over. That’s how I remotivated my team. Nothing should dishearten you. I have to keep that mentality. For the rest of my life. Even if I stumble privately or publicly.”


“But it has been a nightmare just sitting on this loss for so many months. The time-frame does change every day. I have dedicated a lot of my life to a very tough sport. I will do this for as long as I can but I think I’m quite smart at business now. I will be 33 shortly and a lot will come down to how long my body can hang on.”

That assertion takes some swallowing but Joshua has made changes. Rob McCracken, boss of the UK’s successful Olympic squads and AJ’s trainer throughout his pro career to date, has been stood down in favour of renowned Mexican-American guru to champions Robert Garcia.


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