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APC Govt Made Most Corrupt People In Nigeria – Bwala |FS News

Daniel Bwala, the spokesperson for Atiku Presidential Campaign Organization has said that the rulling All Progressives Congress (APC) has produced more corrupt people than any other time in Nigeria’s history.
FS News reports that Bwala stated this in an interview on Channels TV’s Sunrise, saying the economy was most hit.
He said, “Look at corruption, it’s arguably that this administration has produced more corrupt people than any administration in the history of Nigeria.
“If you look at the economy today, we are heading to what is called hyper inflation. It’s a stage you get to w. the total structure of economy is down.
“I was asking my son who is three years old about security, economy and anti-corruption. I can’t believe as small as he is, he could rate this government as failure.
“Security wise, do I need to tell you embassies and governments are flying out of the country. It got to a point w. we are not using it for politics, we are carefully and passionately try to see how we can save APC government.”
Bwala also said PDP would win the 2023 presidential election with a wide margin, not less than six million votes.


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