Have you ever used a mask?

When it comes to beauty, you should always strive for better looking and healthier skin, this is achieved by following a healthy diet, exercising and using good quality face products. Celebrities like Pharell Williams have sworn to using Cetaphil products too look younger and some even say that using cold water on the face every day also helps reduce the aging process.

Kenyan women have also adopted different skin care routines with many using cleansers, sunscreen, moisturizers and scrubs to keep their skin acne free, soft and protected from ultraviolet rays. One product that is often forgotten in the beauty regimen is a mask. The benefits of masks are:

Dellish Mathews Mask Beauty Kenya Zumi

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Unclogs your pores.

Masking with a product that contains bentonite clay helps to remove dirt and absorb excess oils. It’ll also help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells that accumulate on our skin and when debris is removed from the surface of the skin, it’ll help to unclog pores as well. This generally helps reduce acne and blackheads.

LOreal Pure-Clay Mask Zumi Kenya

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Glowing skin.

Masks can help stimulate blood circulation through the process of the mask drying on your skin and beginning to harden. The removal of the mask causes an expansion in the blood vessels in your skin and it ensures an overall improvement in your skin tone. You’ll be left with softer-feeling and smoother-looking skin, a radiant glow and more refreshed appearance.

zumi betonite mask

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Some of the best masks in Kenya include Aztec Bentonite Indian Clay and Loreal Paris Clean Clay and can be found for Ksh 1800- 2800 based on the size from Beauty Bar Kenya and Sugar Punch Beauty

Which are the best masks available in Kenya? . is a turmeric mask that will help reduce acne.




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