Are These Really 5 Signs That Your Woman Wants To Have Se x With Another Man?


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In the course of a relationship, there will, no doubt, be times that your partner might feel a spark of attraction for someone else. Of course, the decision on whether or not to take action on this lies with her.

Normally, she should be able to talk through these feelings with you so you can both figure out what is lacking in the relationship that might cause her to be se xually attracted to another man. But she might be too afraid or too shy to do this.

Look out for the signs below so you can initiate a conversation with her fast. Before things get out of hand.

1. She initiates se x more often

If your once se xually-shy partner is suddenly into s*x all of a sudden, then be wary. Sure, you might want to give in to the bliss of knowing you do not have to cajole her for se x but a sudden change like this usually means something is up.

If someone else has her juices flowing all day, she will be so turned on that she will want to let out her se xual frustration by having se x with you. It is like she is feeling the excitement of a new relationship but she comes to you for the se x part. Be sure to discuss this before she starts going to him for the se x part too.

2. She keeps trying something new

Normally, you choose the positions and she goes along. But these days, she takes the lead and asks for new things almost every single time you both hit the sheets. If you ask for an explanation, she evades you. This might be because she is practicing for when she gets on with her new guy.

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3. She keeps her eyes/mouth closed

When a woman is using you for se x but wishing she was with someone else, she would want to keep her eyes closed so she can focus on imagining she was with the other guy. Looking at you will ruin this.

She might also bite her lips or keep her mouth shut because she is afraid to say the wrong thing (or name).

4. She works towards looking/dressing different

You have never said anything about her weight or style, but you start to notice she is suddenly trying to get fitter or dress different. If you ask her and she is innocent, she will give you a legitimate reason you can understand such as wanting to be healthier or look better for you.

But when you ask and she dodges your question or acts like she is hiding something, she probably is. She might be working so hard to look good to get another man’s attention.

5. She mentions him: more than a few times

If you are someone she considers to be a close friend, then she is very likely to have mentioned this guy at some point. When a woman is excited about someone, she cannot simply keep him to herself.

Sure, she would not talk about him in a romantic way, but she will bring him up in other ways. She might mention a joke he shared, or something funny he did. The point is, when a new guy keeps coming up in your conversations at random times, then you should keep an eye out.

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