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LAGOS – When the Season 7 of the Big Brother Naija show kicked off with a double launch and two levels, fans of the show immediately attached names to the different levels in the house without knowing a bigger twist was coming.

Level 2 house

So far so good though, housemates kept coping until Big Brother switched things up.

Level 1 house

Just so we are sure you are still following, .’s a recap of what has happened this past week.

It’s been just over two weeks and Big Brother Naija already has a disqualified housemate in the person of ex-beauty queen and mother, Beauty.


Her disqualification occurred on Sunday, August 7, following her inability to colour within the lines and stick to Biggie’s rules. During the August 6 Saturday night party, she had a sort of lovers’ spat with Groovy for dancing with Chomzy after she had specifically warned him not to dance with her or any other girl in the house.

Disqualified housemate, Beauty, & Groovy during a conversation while she was in the house.

Remember that she already had a strike in her first week in the house, and she earned an additional two strikes for throwing objects at Groovy (physical assault). For her actions, she made history as the first housemate to leave Biggie’s house through disqualification so early.

As if things were not chaotic enough, ‘The Riders’, Chizzy and Rachel joined the show and were split between the two levels.

Chizzy and Rachael, Biggie’s Riders

According to the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, ‘The Riders’ are basically Big Brother’s agents, so they can’t win the grand prize.

However, they can partake in all activities in the house and can’t be evicted. They will . the game until the end.

This week, Level 1 housemate, Adekunle emerged head of house, while Level 2 housemate, Groovy was awarded tail of house for having the worst performance. This livened things up a bit as his fellow level mates are to dress him up however they like all week.


As usual, Adekunle was given the ultimate power to nominate the losing level 2 housemates that would be up for possible eviction this week and he picked Khalid, Ilebaye, Phyna, Bryan and Groovy.

Four of the five housemates up for possible eviction

So far, one of the most interesting occurrences was when Biggie instructed the Housemates to switch levels but maintain their level name.

This was after Level 1’s victorious win at the HoH Games. Even though the Housemates had to pack their bags before the games, they all expressed some surprise when they heard the news; from conversations that brewed after, they had expected that Housemates would be shuffled, not the totality of the levels.

For the task on Tuesday, both houses were told to prepare a meal for their Arla task but before then, housemates needed to model the types of Arla products that would be used in preparing their meal.


For this reason, each level was divided into two different teams rounding up to a total of four teams. Level one was divided into team Cheese and team Lurpark butter while level two was divided into team Whip/cook and team Arla butter.

At the end of the game, the level one housemates emerged from the house with the winning team Lurpark butter.


On the ‘gbas gbos’ front, the love-hate fight between Bryann and Ilebaye was most memorable. Things degenerated to the point w. Bryann ‘insulted’ Ilebaye’s father.

During their fight

But it seems their spat was short-lived as barely 48 hours after, they both seemed to be making up.

Bryan looking at Ilebaye suspiciously while she was giving him food after their misunderstanding

It is definitely an intrigue-filled season as the show keeps on delivering on drama, love stories and broken ships, entertainment and findings of a quality social experiment.


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