Are Your Thighs Constantly Rubbing Against Each Other? Here’s What To Do


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Thigh chafing is that painful, uncomfortable, rash-like sensation you get in your inner thighs after a long day of rubbing against each other.

This happens as a result of too much movement which causes friction between your thighs and eventually causes your inner thighs to darken. This sensation becomes more unpleasant when you sweat as the salt in your sweat burns! The worst part is that this can happen for so many reasons. You wear clothes that are tight? Thigh chafing. Loose? Chafing. You decide to do yourself some good and work out? Thigh chafing!

Good thing is, t. are simple ways to prevent thigh chafing.

Wear The Right Work Out Clothes


If you notice your thighs rubbing painfully during workout, you’re probably wearing the wrong workout clothes. Your gym wear should be made from a material that easily absorbs moisture. They should also not be too restrictive. Go for workout clothes that are made with moisture wicking synthetic fibre.

Lubricate The Affected Area

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Applying petroleum jelly, coconut oil or any similar product will help reduce friction to the skin. Think of it as oil applied to create ease of movement. However, if you will need to do a lot of walking during the day, it’s best to skip this step. This is because increased friction can cause the lubricant to heat up and become a . of discomfort.

Stay Dry
thighs rubbing


When your skin is wet, your thighs are more prone to chafing. As a preventive measure, apply powder to those areas w. you sweat the most; especially your inner thighs. Powder keeps your skin cool and reduces the friction caused by sweaty thighs. Also, do not stay in wet, sweaty clothes.

Wear Anti Chafe Underwear


A good number of ladies absolutely cannot deal when it comes to wearing tights. But if your thighs are constantly rubbing to the point of chafing then it’s time to invest in some quality spandex tights/shorts. These will create a barrier between your thighs, reducing friction and eliminating chafing altogether. It’s worth giving a shot, no?

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. Are Your Thighs Constantly Rubbing Against Each Other? Here’s What To Do . fashionstyle.


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