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Armed men allegedly break into actor, Saka’s house, demand N20m


Veteran comedy actor and lecturer, Hafiz Oyetoro, popularly known as Saka was alleged to have been robbed by armed men at his residence.

Kayode Soaga, a friend of the comic actor confirmed, in a statement that the actor was attacked by robbers in his residence in Abeokuta, Ogun State, on Monday night, August 8.

In the statement, Soaga stated that the armed men broke into Saka’s home and demanded a sum of N20 million or he would be killed.


The veteran continued to beg for his life until the amount was reduced to N3m. However, he told them that he does not have such an amount of money.

Read the full statement below;


The Robbers broke into his Home at about 2 am. heavily Armed with Pump action Guns, Matchetes, Breaking in Tools. His security Guards were tied down and demobilised.

“Three other houses on the street were robbed with more devastating effect. They broke the Burglary proof and went straight to him demanding for N20 million or his Life. Threatening to kill and destroy


He begged and pleaded. They later came down to N3 million Naira Which he said he doesn’t have. They dazed him with a resounding Slap etc.

“The Armed robbers Packed all Android Phones, iPhones laptops and all available Cash in the home. Also collected all ATM Cards. The robbers came with POS to empty money in Accounts.


“Saka’s security Guards were demobilised while the Guards of his neighbors were not too lucky as they were shot several times in the arms. We thank almighty GOD for Saka’s Life as he’s doing fine.”

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