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“Arrest Abuja Development Authority” – Nyanya Residents Protest Against Illegal Demolition |FS News

The Residents of Nyanya, whose properties were being demolished, are calling on Muhammad Bello, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), to probe the Abuja Development Control over illegal demolition.
FS News reports that the demolished property owners said the Minister should also wade into the crises ensuing from the destruction of their properties in Abuja and have parties settled amicably.
At a press briefing, the group also called on the National Human Right Commission to, as a matter of urgency, look into the infringement of their fundamental human right to live and own property within the Nigerian State.
Spokesman of the group, Abuo Andrew, while appealing to the Minister, said Bello was misled to approve demolition on the grounds that the land was under a high-tension electricity pylon.
According to him, such a claim was false and misleading to a man who trusted the FCT team to provide him with the right information as he governed the Federal Capital Territory, Nyanya extension inclusive.
The displaced property owners also said the land on dispute was acquired six years ago from an Estate Company, Niyi Olamide Ventures (Formerly F&B ventures).
The property owners said they have invested in the property over the years through the development of the land, provision of access road and electrification of the Estate.
They argued that upon being served with the notice of demolition, they approached the Abuja Development Control; the department did not state that they violated any laws of their mandate, such as building on a sewage line, power line, drainage or on access to the road.
The group said the Minister of FCT needed to look into the matter and ensure that members of the society are protected from arbitrary actions influenced by misleading information to serve interests that undermine public trust in government.


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