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Authentic Handwoven Ghana Kente Cloth And Design


Owning an original Kente is a mark of status because Kente clothing is quite expensive. The body is typically covered in kente garments. Typically, kente material is stitched into clothes, other accessory like carf or wrapper may be worn with it. This is a contemporary creation that is well-liked in Ghana and many other nations.

Though historically only worn by royalty, replica prints have made it quite simple to find a wide variety of garments made from kente. A photo of authentic traditional Kente clothing can be found ..


Kente Origin

Of all African textiles, kente cloth is undoubtedly the most well-known. The term โ€œkenteโ€ means โ€œbasket,โ€ and the fabric was given this name because it resembles a woven basket. It is woven on horizontal, narrow-strip menโ€™s treadle looms by the Asante and Ewe peoples of Ghana and Togo.

Kente, which has its roots in the regalia of the Asante and other Akan people, is most usually seen at festivities in southern Ghana and Togo. It was frequently encountered in non-royal arenas by the late nineteenth century, and by the end of the twentieth century, it was accessible to anybody with the means to pay for it.


Photos of Handwoven Kente Cloths


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