Avoid Being A Bridezilla On Your Wedding Day With These Tipsfashionstyle


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No bride wants to be a bridezilla on their wedding day, but the stress can get to you and you’ll act out without even thinking about it.

Here is how to avoid being a bridezilla on your wedding day:

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1. Hire an event planner
avoid being a bridezilla

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Hiring an event planner to run things for you gives you time for yourself and saves you from the stress of trying to do too much at the same time.

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2. Take a break
avoid being a bridezilla

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You can take a break from wedding planning and go on vacation. Call it a pre-honeymoon, whatever works, but you will definitely see things differently after you take a break.

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3. Book a spa day
avoid being a bridezilla

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You can always book yourself a spa day so that you can relax. Make it a date with your girlfriends and just gossip. The calm atmosp. and the chance to connect with your friends will get your mind off your wedding for a while.

4. Assign wedding day duties
avoid being a bridezilla

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T. might be some things that your planner might not be able to do for you, the little details that will come up on the wedding day. You need as many hands as possible to make sure everything runs smoothly. Whether siblings, relatives or friends, they will take the load off your back.

Your job on your wedding day is to have fun being the centre of attention, and that’s exactly what we want for you.

avoid being a bridezilla

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