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Out of 10 brides that we know, 6 are late to church on their wedding day. And no, it’s not because we know only later comers. You can avoid running late on your wedding day. It might not be easy because of the gazillion things that need to be done on the morning of the wedding, but it’s doable.

.’s how:

1. Sleep early

Yea, it’s the eve to your wedding and there’s so much adrenaline, so much to talk about with your friends, so much to catch up on, but… The earlier you go to bed, the earlier you’ll wake up healthy and less grumpy

How To Avoid Running Late On Your Wedding Day

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2. Have your makeup artiste on standby

These days bride ask their makeup artists to sleep over at the hotel, so that in the morning they’ll save time. You can do a rehearsal make up so that on the wedding day, the make up artist is already very much aware and won’t need to think too much or waste time.

avoid running late

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3. Reduce your picture time

Taking photographs is amazing, but also time consuming. The fewer and more organized they are, the better. Also, saving some for after the church activities won’t be a bad idea.

avoid running late

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4. Set an alarm

In addition to setting an alarm, you can set the clock to about 10 minutes faster. It creates a pseudo sense of urgency and helps everyone act swiftly. It’s a win-win!

To avoid running late, the key is to consciously decide not to go late to your wedding and work towards it without pressure. And with these steps, it’ll be easier for you. Check out this must have wedding checklist.


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