first thing every pregnant woman should do is to embrace her baby bump; Pregnancy is not always comfortable, sometimes you get stressed or swollen or distressed etc. There’s always so much that goes on during pregnancy but what you should always remember is the fact that pregnancy is beautiful and the first step to getting the baby bump style is to embrace it.

first thing to understand about the baby bump style is you don’t have to cover it up, so that means you don’t need to transform your wardrobe for about 6 months maybe; you can still wear what you love. Stay true to whatever style you usually wear whether it is body flattering all the time or casual.

There is also the need to show off your baby bump using Lycra, I mean really how can you not as I’ve said before pregnancy is a beautiful thing so when you are five months or six months pregnant there is no crime in accentuating your baby bump. Also remember that at this point a minimalist look would be ideal also darker colors makes a pregnant woman glow.

Remember, carrying a living being inside you is the most amazing thing so flaunt it Just like Our woman crush Wednesday #14 Charity Baaitse  who is our baby style 101 muse: Scroll down to see how she styles her baby bump in the most amazing way.






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Hang out




School Girl

Wow!!! Amazing how she looks super chic and elegant #pregnancygoals… If you are a pregnant woman I suggest you scroll back up again to check out Charity Baaitse’s baby bump style for a second or whatever number of times you wish to see it.

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