Bathing Hot Water is Therapeutic – Scientist Advise


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There’s nothing as relaxing and refreshing as a hot water bath after a long day’s work. It does an amazing magic that science has now proven to be therapeutic.

According to science experts, a hot bath can boost both mental and physical health, aside other benefits attached to it.

Bathing hot water can encourage the body to burn calories, balance blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, and detoxify naturally. Read on to see more benefits.

It relaxes the nerves

Soothing is the word! having a hot sauna bath, whether at home or in a spa passes a cool sensation through the entire nervous system, thereby calming even the most troubled body.

It balances blood sugar

A researcher, Steve Faulkner examined the effect of a hot bath and exercise on blood sugar and glucose release following a meal. Participants in his study ate the same meal first after a hot bath and secondly after an hour-long session of exercise.

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He discovered that the people who ate after a hot bath absorbed the meal better. According to the research, that fest was possible because of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) released by the body when exposed to high temperatures. Physical stress, such as inflammation and shock can trigger the release of HSPs also, which cause glucose to be transported from the bloodstream to muscle tissue, thus lowering overall blood glucose levels.

It expels sweat

A hot bath will make you sweat profusely and sweating off some toxins is a benefit of Its own. Sweating is a natural detoxification mechanism by which toxins are released through the surface of the skin.
So if you cannot exercise, taking a hot bath or sauna can provide the same detoxification benefits. However, excess exposure to high temperatures can result in heatstroke or dehydration. So drink water before and after your bath to ensure that your fluid levels remain adequate.

Prevents diabetes

Other research has demonstrated that HSPs could be beneficial in enhancing insulin sensitivity and therefore lowering the risk of diabetes. Back in 1985, researchers from the University of Kansas used an animal model to demonstrate that they act quickly on glucose and skeletal muscle, therefore lowering overall blood sugar levels.
Hot water bath

More recently, scientists have identified that it is a specific HSP known as HSP72 that is responsible for triggering these effects. Therefore, taking regular baths or saunas may help you regulate your blood sugar levels and increase your sensitivity to insulin.

It burns some calories

Steve Faulkner’s research also suggests that increasing your body temperature could increase number of calories burned. Volunteers taking part in his research first sat in a bath for an hour until their body temperature hit an average of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. They then completed an hour-long workout on an exercise bike.
Surprisingly, just sitting in a hot water bath for an hour burned 140 calories. Although this is significantly lower than the 630 burned on the exercise bike, the findings demonstrated that the bath used as many calories as a half-hour walk.

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