Battle Of The Blondes! Zari Hassan or Vera Sidika! (Vote Now!)


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It’s between Zari Hassan and Vera Sidika in this blonde wig battle!

Zari Hassan and Vera Sidika are true BFFs and they even got blonde wigs to prove it! Blonde coloured wigs are in season and everyone wants to have it. Local celebrities like Nancie Mwai has been spotted with platinum blonde wigs which is quite daring if I must say. International celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian have also rocked the blonde wigs. Blonde is quite a daring colour but between these two socialites we can’t decide on who takes the crown!

1. Zari Haasan.

Zari is no stranger when it comes to blonde wigs. She has one on that has dark roots and blends into a lighter shade of blonde. If you are more of the conservative type then this hairstyle is just for you. You can rock it to the office with no stress. Plus she looks good don’t you think?

zari hassan tanzanian socialite hairstyle

.: Zari Hassan

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2. Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika just loves bold coloured wigs. She has been spotted with blue coloured wigs so blonde is a colour that doesn’t scare her. She rocks a light blonde wig that is quite the curly and bouncy unit. She looks good in it and it compliments her skin. If you are the daring type then you’ll love this blonde wig! Be prepared to the amount of attention you will get lol.

vera sidika kenyan socialite hairstyles

.: Vera Sidika

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Battle Of The Blondes! Zari Hassan or Vera Sidika! (Vote Now!)

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