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BBNaija Angel’s dad calls out Cross, for claiming he helped him

Baron Meyagy, the dad to former Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye star, Angel Agnes Smith, has slammed his daughter’s colleague and co-reality star, Cross Ikechukwu Okonkwo, for claiming he helped him and Angel’s mom.

Angel’s dad, who took to his Twitter page, on Saturday morning, June 18, noted that he doesn’t know why Cross would go on live TV to give impression that he has done stuffs for him.


The man clarified that he asked Cross and several other people to donate to a charitable cause he and his partner held last December.

He added that after it was achieved, Cross was tagged online to the video, to let him know that his donation was used for good, which simply makes it understandable that Cross voluntarily donated and wasn’t forced.


Angel’s dad thinks he didn’t see the reason Cross had to go on national TV (during the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye Reunion) to make it looks like he (Angel’s dad) begged him for money, or didn’t have any option the time he asked him to donate.

“Dear @crossdabossike
I don’t know why you’d go on live tv to give the impression that you have done stuffs 4me?
I asked you and several people to donate to a charitable cause my partner and I held 4 an orphanage for Xmas, of which u did & got tagged 2d videos?
This is wrong!”


This issue escalated after the Shine Ya Eye Reunion show on Friday night, w. Cross and Angel continued their misconception about who reciprocated each other’s energy and vibe or not.


Angel had told Cross that he didn’t do anything for her, adding that it was obvious she did a lot for him. Angel mentioned that three times Cross was sick, she cooked and sent food to him. Also, when they travelled to Dubai, Cross was cashless on coming back, and Angel came to his rescue.

Then, Cross, while trying to let Angel know that he also reciprocated the energy, stated that he has helped Angel’s family, her dad and mom. But Angel insisted it wasn’t herself Cross helped.


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