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BBNaija: Beauty opens up to Groovy on why she needs her space


Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemates Groovy and her love interest, Beauty have got involved in some mishap, trying to block the progress of their supposedly relationship.

Beauty, on Saturday, Day 7 of the show opened up that she wants Groovy to give her space because she believes getting close to him may make it seem she’s spoiling his game.

And from our observation in their conversation, Beauty wasn’t happy that Groovy allegedly ignored her at the arena.


Beauty claimed that Groovy ignored her at the arena, sending the signal that he’s avoiding her for the sake of his game.

Meanwhile, Groovy has it to say that Beauty is accusing him of what he’s very sure didn’t happen, adding that he cares for her so much.


Beauty said, “I didn’t avoid you at the arena. Do you think if I had done it I would be . trying to convince you that I had a conversation with you?”

Beauty responded telling Groovy that he had wanted to do that but other Housemates made him not to.


And Groovy continued, “Have I not spoken to you in public about it, when we were outside?

“You’re actually getting mad over something that’s not true. That’s the problem we’re having now. If it’s actually something that I did now, I would admit it.


“I had already said that, the only thing was that the game is crispy. What else did I do now? You’re just accusing me of something and I didn’t do it.

Groovy went on telling Beauty that he’s still thinking about the fact that she told him to stop talking to her because she feels she’s spoiling his game.


Beauty replied, “I said that because I see you’re very careful and I can be reckless sometimes”.

Groovy said, “I don’t need you to feel like you’re going to spoil my game. If I’m going to win the show I’m going to win the show, if you’re going to win the show you’re going the show.


“Now you want me to stop talking to you for reasons I did not understand. That’s just it. You want me to stop talking to you because you feel you’re spoiling my game, really?

“I think you should let this be. I would be able to communicate with every single person in this House and we will still be friends”.

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