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BBNaija Level Up stars chide Hermes for admitting being in relationship with two ladies


Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemates and reality television stars have made mockery of their colleague, Hermes Chibueze Iyele for admitting being in polyamorous relationship with two different ladies.

Recall that Hermes, during the Level Up show premiere last Sunday opened up to being in love with two ladies.

And when asked by the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu if the ladies in question truly know each other, he disclosed that they know each other, adding that he may not get involved with one more woman should the need arise.


Then, inside the Biggie’s House, during the introduction with fellow Housemates, Hermes was able to reveal more about these acclaimed amazing ladies.

According to him, one of them, named Margretha is a German-Ethiopian, while the other named Blessing is Nigerian lady from Akwa Ibom State. Hermes said met Margretha while on tour, in Europe.


“I’m not single, but I’m in a partnership relationship with two women”. Hermes said.

Hermes was asked by Housemates why he decided to go into partnership relationship.


He continued, “Like I said, the one thing I love the most is a big challenge. So, the ladies are amazing queens because the …” … The Housemates cut him short as they laughed out loud, in mockery of him.

Hermes added, “Like I said, I’m not single, but at the same time, I feel to have all the things that I want”.


As the Housemates continued to laugh, Hermes comes again, “I’d explain. The templates of the partnership relationship I have with my partners is called polyamorous relationship.

“But the kind of polyamorous relationship I practice with my partners is such that we both have a certain freedom, the three of us.


“Like I said, it’s hard to imagine, because it’s actually difficult to actualize. It’s really is. We’re talking about having to be t. every time.

“But, for a man, this is a hard thing to think about. For women, in my opinion, women are very emotionally intelligent.


“I’ve had to deal with a lot. At first I met Marietta, a German-Ethiopian, on tour. We met, and then…”. At this point, Sheggz stopped Hermes and asked him, w. in particular during the tour did he meet Marietta, the Ethiopian girl.

And Hermes continued, “I’ve had privilege to travel Germany, Serbia, Netherlands, Amsterdam. It’s a short freedom anyway.


“So, I met Marietta in Germany, and she for a typical Nigerian boy, after I met this very beautiful girl. You know, Nigerian boy having foreign girlfriend. And after like two weeks she’s like, I have the ability… you know, it’s such a privacy, Nigerian boy having a foreign girlfriend.

“And within the conversations and agreements we had…”. Here again, Sheggz cut Hermes short, telling him to talk about the second girlfriend.


Hermes said, “So, after I met Marietta first, started relationship with her, and she was the one who told me that she has the ability to love more than one person at a time.

“Though simple Nigerian boy, I just found a foreign girlfriend, and she tells me in no time I’m about to loose her, ‘kill me already’. It was hard. But, I wanted to have that. It was a question of, ‘Am I going to have it at her core?’ You know, be the one to understand what she was asking for”.


As Housemates boisterously react to his statement, he responded, “I can’t put you guys through everything or help you understand,

Then, when asked about the second girlfriend, Hermes replied, “She’s a Nigerian, from Akwa Ibom. Her name is Blessing. Amazing girl”.


At that point, Housemates were still surprised at Hermes’ ability to handle two women in a polyamorous relationship, at a time.

He said, “Let me ask you guys one question. What do you think balance is? Like I said, the one thing I love the most above everything else is a good challenge. It’s been difficult with managing all the emotions that comes with having to manage these whole thing.


When asked if he would have a third girlfriend, Hermes answered, “I’m not so sure, but having experienced this two relationships, I know that it might happen. But it will only happen if it’s allowed by everybody involved”.

Housemates continued to counter Hermes, as they feel it’s awkward for such a relationship (or partnership as Hermes puts it) to exist, and going by the fact that it gives room to cheating and infidelity, it’s obvious Hermes’ girlfriends have their separate boyfriends, aside Hermes, as well.

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